Тop 7 Problems of Crypto Wallets and How They Could Be Solved

About a year ago, billionaire investor Mark Cuban said crypto wallets were “awful.” It meant they were far from user-friendliness and were facing security and accessibility issues. What has changed since then? OneArt figures out if these issues are still relevant and how developers can respond.

❌ Some crypto wallets have progressed in terms of user experience and have removed the complexity to become easier to navigate through. However, some still are built “by developers, for developers,” decreasing a usability score significantly. According to the 2020 usability research, newbies fail to carry out fundamental tasks in all (!) the studied wallets.

Source: Examining Usability Issues in Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency Wallets

✅ Conduct surveys to discover pain points. As per research, you can detect 60–75% of usability issues via evaluation by 3–5 experts.

✅ Also, consider adding walkthrough screens to show your wallet’s features and how to use them. We’ve already done that for our iOS OneArt app and plan to add walkthroughs to Android as well.

❌ Sluggish transactions and scalability are also challenging…

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