1ART Bridge guide

How to bridge your 1ART

  1. Go to https://artwallet.co/bridge

2. Put your wallet address on Fantom Network or BSC. (Important: don’t put the 1ART token contract address since it will be impossible to retrieve your tokens. Also don’t put addresses from exchanges because there is a chance that your tokens will be lost on the exchange side. Use only wallets under your full control.)

Then you need to pass captcha.

If you use ad blocker, it may prevent captcha appearing. So, you need to disable it to use bridge.

3. Send tokens to the address in the “Send to” field (#1). (Important: don’t send more than 1 transaction, bridge processes only 1 transaction per order)

Please notice that the bridge fee is applied.

Also don’t close the tab until bridging is done. Order ID may be helpful if something goes wrong.

4. After tokens are sent, the bridge swap is initiated. Now wait until the transaction is completed on the network.

Then the transaction is processed by the bridge. Usually it takes up to 5 minutes, but the duration may increase even to 30 minutes in case the network or node are unstable. If your tokens don’t arrive in 30 minutes — contact @artwallet_support in Telegram.

When the last step is done, tokens will appear in your wallet.

Follow official ArtWallet channels to find the latest info and updates:



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