23 Incredible Crypto & NFT Stats

Quick Take

  • The number of cryptocurrencies grew by 70% in a year.
  • The value of transactions on the Bitcoin network is more than the global economy.
  • Blockchain-based remittance is 127x cheaper than traditional one.
  • Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Belgium.
  • There are 40% of bot gamers in Web3.

Want to know more? OneArt has gathered the most impressive statistics about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi. Here we go!

1. Over ½ of all BTC trades are fake

Forbes has analyzed 150+ crypto exchanges. According to its research, 51% of reported BTC daily trading volume is likely to be fake. How come? The global volume was estimated at $128 billion as of June 14. Meanwhile, the self-reported numbers from various sources make up $262 billion in total.

2. At least seven Nobel prize winners in economics spoke against bitcoin

For instance, Oliver Hart and Christopher Sims think it should be priced at zero, and Joseph Stiglitz says it should be outlawed.

3. The number of cryptocurrencies soared 151x since 2013

In August 2022, the total number reached 10,000. It’s 70% more than in 2021 and over 151x more than in 2013.

Source: AugustaFreePress

4. The total value of transactions on the Bitcoin network surpassed $100 trillion

Just to compare: the global economy was predicted to top $100 trillion this year. (But seems it won’t amid war).

However, the stats are rather tricky since it includes transactions between wallets belonging to the same person. If you exclude them, the number decreases to $7.3 trillion.

5. The global crypto market cap is more than the Netherland’s GDP but less than Indonesia’s

As of August 31, 2022, it totals $1,03 trillion — almost 3x less than an all-time high of $3 trillion in November 2021. It’s more than the GDP of the Netherlands, which is $1.018 trillion, but less than that of Indonesia ($1.186 trillion).

6. Blockchain-based remittance is 388x times faster than the traditional one

It’s also 127x cheaper, according to the Blockdata research.

Source: Blockdata

7. There’re over 64K crypto addresses richer than $1 million

So, there’re more than 64,000 bitcoin-made millionaires as of August 2022 (down by over 21% since January). Moreover, 4,723 have a balance of $10+ million, according to BitInfoCharts.

8. Crypto holders lost about ¼ of all bitcoins due to lost private keys

In 2013, some IT guy threw away 7,500 BTC on the hard drive where he stored private keys. By accident, of course.

9. ~ 900 bitcoins are mined daily

As of September 1, there’re 19,138,350 bitcoins, and only 1,861,650 are left to be mined. However, the total number won’t reach 21 million, as bit-shift operators round decimal points down to the nearest whole integer.

10. Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Belgium

Its annualized rate is 97.42 terawatt-hours (TWh), while that of Belgium is 83 TWh.

Source: The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

11. Tesla became the first S&P 500 member to announce a bitcoin investment

The company invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin just two months after it was added to the index.

12. There are 320+ million crypto users in the world

It’s about 4.2 % of the world’s population. The US has the most crypto owners (46 million), but it ranks #3 when it comes to the percentage of the population owning crypto (13.7%). The #1 is Vietnam (20.27%), followed by Ukraine (15.72%).

Source: Triple-A

13. The value of crypto in circulation is a small share of the world’s money

For example, Bitcoin accounts for less than 1% of the total money.

14. Crypto sees a 669% rise in social mention

According to LunarCrush, social mentions are up 669.3%, and social engagements soared by 459.9% in two years.

15. Only 12% of Americans have heard nothing at all about crypto

72% have not invested in, traded, or used crypto, but have heard at least something about it. And 16% say they’ve invested, traded, or used it, but the results have not been so good.

16. Blockchain can add to the global economy more than China, US, Germany & Japan

The PwC research says by 2030, blockchain can potentially add $1.76 trillion to the world economy. It’s more than China ($440.4 billion), the US ($407.2 billion), Germany ($95.3), and Japan ($72.3 billion) combined!

17. The all-time high DeFi TVL is nearly 184 billion

The highest total value locked of 183.93 billion was on December 2, 2021, according to DeFiLlama.

18. Only 2.4% of unique Ethereum addresses are DeFi users

Just 4.9 million addresses of 200.8 million unique addresses on Ethereum have ever used DeFi apps as of July 2022.

19. Bots make up 40% of gamers in Web3

Researchers from Jigger have analyzed 60+ projects and found 200,000 bots. It means that, on average, 2/5 of gamers on Web3 are bots. To find this out, they linked wallets that belonged to the same person using a special algorithm. These colored clusters are bots on Mobox (55%).

Some projects have over 80% of bots! This is ARIVA with 87% of bots.

Non-gaming projects are also flooded with bots. Take a look at the Coin98 graph (69%).

Projects relying on referral schemes suffer the most. Experts blame the earning mechanism and say bots will exist as long as we have “click to earn” games.

20. The NFT market predicted to grow 4.5x in 5 years

As per MarketsandMarkets, by 2027, it’s anticipated to grow from $3 billion to $13.6 billion.

21. More than $100 million worth of NFTs were reported stolen within a year

On average, fraudsters made $300,000 on a scam, according to Elliptic. July 2022 is the #1 month with the highest number of tokens stolen — more than 4600. In May 2022, scammers stole about $24 million worth of non-fungible tokens, which is the highest confirmed value.

22. As of January, there are 12,359,778 NFTs in total

About 10% are on-chain, over 40% are on private servers, and almost 50% are on IPFS (a protocol used to store and share data).

23. As of 2021, over ½ of NFTs cost less than $200

The research shows that more than 33% of primary sales were $100 or less and 20% were from $100 to $200.

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