5 NFT Trends For 2022

In 2021, the NFT craze turned out to be a $2 billion market. Originally born as a digital art representative, endowed with unshakable uniqueness, the NFT fad has left nothing untouched: from art to real estate.

Given the development prospects, multimillion-dollar contributions by giant companies to the NFT mass adoption, and seen as a driver for the development of the metaverse and Web3 — the concept of NFT is not a short-term hype. Instead, it is a reality that has quietly impacted how we create and experience art, music, branded products, and the web. NFT is entering our lives as firmly as Instagram did in its time.

As developers come up with more and more uses for the technology, NFT’s craze is not even going to fade. So what course of advancement will the NFT sphere take in 2022?

OneArt has prepared a list of the top 5 trends in the NFT sphere for you to stay in the loop in 2022.

Top 5 NFT trends to look out for this year

#1 Music NFTs take top stage

The decentralized NFT system in music has become an innovative “intermediaries less” form of earning for artists, who can now get 100% of sales revenue. It is a new trend in the monetization of music art.

While DJ 3LAU and Kings on Leon have already released their NFT albums, bringing them $11.6 and 2 million in revenue, respectively, other music stars like Meek Mill are also entering the NFT market this year, launching an NFT mixtape.

Decentralized streaming platforms and music NFT marketplaces allow artists to create, showcase, and sell their NFTs making fan interaction even closer. Platforms like Stationhead, Audius, and in the future — OneArt will be within metaverse, allowing users to listen to their favorite music, chat with artists, create their own music art, acquire exclusive tracks or the newly released album, receive rewards, benefit from royalty systems, etc.

#2 NFTs-based gaming

This sector will also undergo significant changes…

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