5 NFT Trends For 2022

In 2021, the NFT craze turned out to be a $2 billion market. Originally born as a digital art representative, endowed with unshakable uniqueness, the NFT fad has left nothing untouched: from art to real estate.

Given the development prospects, multimillion-dollar contributions by giant companies to the NFT mass adoption, and seen as a driver for the development of the metaverse and Web3 — the concept of NFT is not a short-term hype. Instead, it is a reality that has quietly impacted how we create and experience art, music, branded products, and the web. NFT is entering our lives as firmly as Instagram did in its time.

As developers come up with more and more uses for the technology, NFT’s craze is not even going to fade. So what course of advancement will the NFT sphere take in 2022?

OneArt has prepared a list of the top 5 trends in the NFT sphere for you to stay in the loop in 2022.

Top 5 NFT trends to look out for this year

#1 Music NFTs take top stage

The decentralized NFT system in music has become an innovative “intermediaries less” form of earning for artists, who can now get 100% of sales revenue. It is a new trend in the monetization of music art.

While DJ 3LAU and Kings on Leon have already released their NFT albums, bringing them $11.6 and 2 million in revenue, respectively, other music stars like Meek Mill are also entering the NFT market this year, launching an NFT mixtape.

Decentralized streaming platforms and music NFT marketplaces allow artists to create, showcase, and sell their NFTs making fan interaction even closer. Platforms like Stationhead, Audius, and in the future — OneArt will be within metaverse, allowing users to listen to their favorite music, chat with artists, create their own music art, acquire exclusive tracks or the newly released album, receive rewards, benefit from royalty systems, etc.

#2 NFTs-based gaming

This sector will also undergo significant changes. NFTs will go beyond areas of use such as art — they intend to make some changes in games! The question of how NFT is changing the gaming sector remains one of the most hotly debated issues today.

The tokenization of games will reinforce the “play-to-earn” concept that is popular today and transform it significantly.

Games will not only be a way to earn money through the creation and sale of in-game NFTs but also a source of creativity. Players will be able to create their own entire worlds full of real estate and personalized avatars and connect these worlds with other players to generate a coherent game system.

Gaming giants are already unlocking the potential of NFTs in gameplay, like Ubisoft’s Quartz platform, which enables monetization of in-game items.

#3 NFTs as micro-social networks with digital personas

2022 will be the year of NFT personas, where meta-centric developments will allow celebrities to perform as NFT personalities. So artists can replace themselves with real ones with virtual avatars: a Bored Ape, for example.

Moreover, NFTs can become the basis for creating a new layer of social interaction. Tokens can be seen as micro-social networks that will become a “pipeline” to a new form of digital interaction and, consequently, a new form of social media within the metaverse with the primary focus on creativity and fully owned digital personalities.

Discord and Telegram groups are already gathering thousands of NFT enthusiasts. In addition, TikTok is releasing an NFT collection, Twitter is introducing NFT profile pictures and Coinbase is launching an NFT marketplace.

It is predicted that NFTs could become an essential part of global social interaction with new rules and approaches.

#4 The Metaverse with digital lands

NFTs will act as the right for ownership of digital lands within the metaverse. Some of the most popular NFT land projects (Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity) have already begun to realize their goals toward metaverse land usage. Snoop Dogg is creating his own Sandbox-based metaverse experience. Adidas has also acquired space for its own AdiVerse metaverse.

Here are some use cases for landowners to use their virtual land:

  • Advertising

Buy a popular virtual spot and charge a fee to visit it.

  • Entertainment

Hold concerts and exhibitions.

  • Games

Buy land and create your virtual game world.

  • Work

Use the digital space to your company’s advantage.

#5 AI-generative NFT art

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are used to create AI-generative NFTs. Simply put, they are algorithms for using data to generate machine images. Would you like to see the NFT Art generator in OneArt app?

Claire Silver, an AI-centric artist, noted that this new art form is created in tandem with some semblance of artificial intelligence.

Although generative art is a relatively new concept, projects (such as Botto) have already begun to appear on the horizon. It is a unique opportunity to become an artist in the virtuality of creating a digital painting that cannot be faked.

The 1st NFT museum opened its doors on January 27 in Seattle. The number of blockchain museums is expected to multiply by 2023. The change in the form of art perception undergoes mass adoption. At the same time, the digitization of reality pushes this adoption to happen at lightning speed — your paper tickets may soon be replaced by NFT-based ones.

NFT-tickets offer many outstanding features both for purchasers and event organizers. They store access credentials and unique benefits for events. These digital assets can be the subject of further transactions, allowing you to generate new revenue streams without barriers.

OneArt team is also considering introducing the NFT-tickets feature in our top-notch NFT brand app.

It’s worth mentioning other NFT use cases, which are developing as well:

  • Digital clothes
  • Sports NFTs
  • NFTs as a new subscription model
  • Upgradable NFTs
  • NFTs in charitable initiatives
  • Tokenized news stories, etc.

Given the rapid pace of this pioneering technology development and the broadening of its use cases, it is reasonable to assume that these trends are only the beginning of the NFTs adoption.

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