We are excited to announce: the updated version of OneArt Wallet is now available for Android devices publicly! Built natively, OneArt is a non-custodial wallet and your gateway to the Web3 world.

Please note: This version may include some bugs. We are continuously working on improving the functionality and the user experience. Bug reports are highly appreciated. Top-rated bug hunters will be rewarded with 1ART tokens. More details about our bug bounty program will follow soon. Stay tuned!

What is available in the first release?

Native non-custodial Crypto & NFT wallet. Five blockchains supported

You can create new or import existing crypto wallets into the OneArt Wallet…

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ETHW mining on Binance

The exchange users can mine Ethereum on proof-of-work consensus. Until October 29, there will be no fees for mining. Keep in mind that:

  • Supporting the pool ≠ listing.
  • ETHW will be reviewed as any other asset on Binance.
  • There’re no deposits for Ethereum on proof-of-work, but you can exchange it for BUSD and USDT.

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CFTC: Bitcoin could grow twice due to regulation

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman says clear regulation could help crypto boost its price. We’ll see…

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