Holidays are over and the OneArt team is back on track🦾

Many of you are interested in getting updates on the app development and our future plans. Here’s a brief overview of the recent updates.

App Test

Our team is focused on creating a top-notch app in collaboration with our community.


ArtWallet team keeps on informing you about the main events that happened this week. The pace of progress is very fast, focus on industry leadership makes us be a few steps ahead of other market players.

The most important event was the announcement of 1ART Staking Vaults. They will be…

We are excited to announce that 1ART farming starts today. Save the date: December 1st, 2021, 3 pm UTC.

Introducing 1ART Farming: Stake 1ART — Earn 1ART

Currency: 1ART token

Network: Binance Smart Chain & Fantom Chain

Reward Pool: from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 1ART tokens Annually on each chain.

(up to 10,000,000 1ART on BSC and up to…


Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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