AMA-session RECAP

On 29 August we held an AMA session together with Hacken in Discord.

The discussion was mainly focused on the release of our product and updates (Spoiler: coming soon). Also, the OneArt team represented by our CEO Nazar and Head of BD Nino answered questions from the community about OneArt’s vision, plans and goals.

  • What has changed in the year since the launch of OneArt?
  • What are our future plans?
  • How do we see our products evolving and where have we already succeeded?

MrFantastic: Glad to have you here! How are you guys doing? Could you introduce OneArt to those who might’ve not heard about you?

Nazar: We are fine! Hope everyone here knows a bit about OneArt.

We launched at the Hacken Foundation almost a year ago. We are creating a very user-friendly DeFi wallet & gateway a bit close to MetaMask but with much broader functionality. Since the launch, we have made some pivots and at the end of September, we are happy to introduce the first new version of OneArt Wallet.

MrFantastic: It’s been almost 1 year since OneArt was launched, what’s the progress?

Nazar: We’ve built a strong foundation for developing a great user-centric product, including a native iOS and Android app as well as a browser extension that will work on many types of browsers. Everything will be released to the public in September.

We now have 30 people in our team, so we will start delivering products faster. We have made a great back-end functionality that will give us the ability to integrate any, even non-EMV-compatible, blockchain. And a little spoiler: the first one will come even by the end of this year. In the beginning, as a user, you will see the functionality much closer to MetaMask but with great UX/UI. However, after that, we are going to deliver some great features, which nobody has on the market.

MrFantastic: Pretty sure a lot of people from our community heard about the 1ART token (There are almost 50 million HAI staked on the farming contract). What’s the future for it? Have you thought about adding some utility besides DeFi?

Nazar: 1ART will have a core utility feature within the product itself. So the token will be not useless, enjoy the farming. Those who keep tokens for the future will be nicely surprised. I really appreciate that you’ve done the LP farming inside the HackenAI. Hope the community enjoys it.

MrFantastic: The topic of the AMA is about future products. Can you please explain the product’s benefits and goals? Will the emergence of these products bring OneArt Wallet closer to its vision and goals?

Nazar: We changed our vision a bit since the NFT market was reduced.

Now we target a much bigger market. We believe in 6–8 months we will have a better product than MetaMask has at the moment. When the core product is released then it will be easier to deliver more and more features to our community.

MrFantastic: When will the Android version of the OneArt wallet be launched, any exact date? And what about Metalaunch right now?

Nazar: It will be released in a new design at the end of September. We decided to postpone our release on Android before delivering the new design in the first version, but in 3–4 weeks it will be delivered 100% along with the updated iOS and newly updated website.

MrFantastic: How is OneArt planning to attract users and show that it has a tool with better underlying technology and an easier, more intuitive development experience? What are the challenges you are trying to solve in the next 6–12 months?

Kuz: With our wallet out it will be easy to attract users I think. We have some partners who are waiting to integrate our product. We will launch marketing campaigns along with these integrations.

Nazar: Integrations with the cross-marketing activities are a top priority.

When OneArt Wallet is available on OpenSea, thousands of users will see it, and when they try it, they will find that it is better than MetaMask. This will create a big user acquisition funnel, and there could be thousands of such integrations, any dApp can be integrated. We have a connection between the mobile wallet and the browser extension. We are also in negotiation with some big names like unstoppable domains. ENS will be integrated by the end of the year too.

We are creating a seed phrases management system, so you, as a user, can import any wallet on any blockchain. For example, Metamask supports only EVM, you can not use Solana on Metamask. But you will be able to use Solana on OneArt Wallet very soon. We are now very product-focused and you will see the results this year.

MrFantastic: Now let’s proceed with the questions from Hacken club members.

Saibenur: Can you elaborate on the 1ART token utility? Do you have plans to incubate NFT projects that can be only bought with the 1ART token?

Nazar: Token utility will be integrated into the product. There will be staking options like Hacken Memberships which will provide several benefits for the users. We have something that we do not want to disclose yet, but it will be super interesting and will include 1ART as a core utility element.

Samrat89: Is there any plan to burn / buyback OneArt or do you have any plan to increase the value of those tokens to burn tokens and attract investors?

Nazar: Yes, we will burn all our fees when the utility feature is live in the product.

Serkan: Will there be an NFT marketplace exchange within the OneArt Wallet? Or is it just a storage wallet?

Nazar: Good one. There will be a dApp browser inside the wallet. With this browser, you can connect any of your wallets to the marketplace directly in the App.

Daniel_VET: Is there any hardware integration feature in the plans? Something like a cold storage NFT viewer?

Nazar: Yes, ledger.

Nazar: Guys, any interesting things are coming. We expect every new release every 2 weeks after the first release.

We have had many changes over the year, but one of the main ones is the ongoing enlargement of our team. This way, we can implement our goals of creating a solid foundation for developing a user-oriented and intuitive product much faster!

After researching the market and identifying users’ pain points, we keep working on upgrading our main product — the OneArt Wallet, which is already available in the iOS version. This versatile solution will soon be not only user-friendly and secure but also contain features that no one else on the market has yet.

Don’t want to miss the big release this September? Then stay tuned!



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