AMA-session Recap

5 min readApr 18, 2022


On the eve of the new OneArt earning program we conducted an AMA-session, where community members had a chance to ask all the questions about the project. As usual, lots of details and insights were given on the project’s future.

You can find all the exciting details below.

Buddha: I think first we should start with the main topic of AMA — farming. Many are mostly interested in how it will affect the price, liquidity, and other stuff.

Nazar: Yes, liquidity is a very important indication of the project’s health. More liquidity available → the higher chance to attract big investors and holders. That’s why we have started the number of liquidity mining pools.

The first one is 1ART/BNB pool, which is the main liquidity providing asset on the BSC Network. The algorithm is very easy: you should add your 1ART to liquidity with BNB coins and then, having these LP tokens, you can stake them on

There are 3 different revenue streams:

1. Farming rewards. Each block reward is distributed between the participants. There are 1,000,000 1ART tokens rewards.

2. Trading fees. As LP token holder you receive 0,17% from all trades volume made on PancakeSwap (equivalent to your portion of the stake).

3. And the third one is, of course, capital gain income. If any of the assets (BNB or 1ART) goes up, your LP token increases in value.

So, there is a win-win situation both for the community and the project. By providing liquidity you generate a revenue stream and reduce the amount of tokens in circulation supply.

That’s why liquidity providing is a great tool for both making money and supporting projects.

Buddha: Cool. Also, some questions were raised about investors. How much do they have on hand now and what price pressure can they cause? And will any other investors come to OneArt? Like institutional, for example.

Nazar: This is a great question. And we are preparing something really interesting for the community.

We are working on a super transparent dashboard that will be available in public, where any community member or token holder will be able to see all statistics about the 1ART tokens:

1. It will automatically count the amount of tokens which is distributed daily.

2. It will count all tokens that are out of circulation supply (for example in liquidity pools, etc.).

3. It will scan all blockchains, all wallets of 1ART holders (around 4000 at the moment) and give the full statistics on how many tokens are sold per day, and how many tokens are bought.

4. It will categorize the wallets. Also, it will show powerful holders (who didn’t sell any token for 180 or 90 days); what wallets are at risk (for example who is dumping).

We’ve already been working on it and it is planned for the beginning of May. And then we will be able to scan all tokens and make a kind of crypto Bloomberg platform for detailed circulation supply analysis of any token.

This probably might be one of the projects launched on OneArt Metalaunch in the future, but first, it will be made for 1ART. Nobody on the market right now provides such detailed and transparent statistics on tokens.

Regarding some institutional investors, some of them are doing “due diligence” on our project.

Buddha: I think the last question for you, Nazar. Can you reveal at least some details about who Harry Yeh is and what he means to OneArt? (He has $1ART ticker in his Twitter bio 👀)

Nazar: Wow, interesting question :) and unexpected. You probably know that Harry is one of the most well-known names in crypto and the main Fantom influencer/supporter. Just wait for the product release and you will see.

I really like how the OneArt Wallet looks now. And can’t wait when we make it public. It is likely to be one of the most used applications in the NFT world. Because it will help all NFT projects and NFT artists to increase the adoption and their value proposition.

Buddha: About artists. We have recently announced the OneArt Creators Awards. Any details that can be revealed now?

Nazar: It will be announced soon. We want to make the biggest contest in the NFT world. Like Oscar in movies. It will be the NFT Creators Awards. With a lot of partners and big prizes.

Rod: Yes, the NFT Creators Awards is going to be a golden standard for the NFT & Metaverse world.

Nazar: We are doing this in order to increase the adoption of the OneArt products.

Rod: In short: the NFT Creators Awards is not only about NFTs — it’s about transferring physical art to digital with the help of OneArt instruments such as OneArt Wallet, etc.

Buddha: That’s fascinating!

The last question from the list and then I guess we will have 5 minutes for open questions.

Mading is asking: “What marketplaces will be supported by OneArt at this time?” Also, “Is it ‘easy’ for OneArt to add support for more blockchains?” (I guess how long it would take to bring other blockchains into OneArt).

Denis: During the MVP rollout, we plan to implement OpenSea marketplace integration as a starting point. In future releases, we plan to add more marketplaces for our users. As for blockchain support, MVP will have EVM-compatible blockchains. Our goal is to create an ultimate tool — a multichain wallet with the possibility to surf through any marketplace available. SOL is on our list as other chains.

I can not disclose much information, but the team is also working on some social functionality for the wallet. Artists and collectors.

Buddha: Great! Thanks for the AMA, guys, very informative as usual💪

Stay tuned! We conduct such AMA-sessions regularly so it’s a chance for you to stay updated about the project’s life and be deeply immersed into it (and also earn some 1ART tokens😏). Let’s enter the NFT & Metaverse world together!

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