AMA session recap

It’s finally happened!

On March, 10 we organized AMA text format session in Discord, where our team answered all questions not only about crypto, metaverse, and our product review, but also discussed the main event of recent weeks — the situation in Ukraine, which we, of course, couldn’t help mentioning.

Here we’ve prepared the AMA recap, or, more precisely, more details about:

  • How the situation in Ukraine has affected our team.
  • About our future plans.
  • What changes have occurred in our project roadmap and much more.

Buddha: Okay, let’s get started! I think we should start with a question that many are worried about: is everything okay with the team?

Nazar: What is happening in Ukraine right now is horrible, the war in the center of Europe in 2022 is nonsense and an absolute criminal from the Russian side. But I’m happy to say that all our team members are safe. Team is okay and continues working on the OneArt Products.

Buddha: Then the following question everyone is interested in: How did the war affect our roadmap and when will the iOS and Android apps be ready?

Nazar: There might be some delays in our road map but not more than a few weeks from the original plan. We have many products in our road map, the first one is, of course, the OneArt Mobile app for iOS and Android. It will combine features of NFT Wallet, traditional crypto wallet, social network for NFT artists and the connector with NFT marketplaces. The first versions of the App were already available for testing on iOS, and the functionality is larger. According to the original road map we wanted to release it in the stores by the end of April , but now because of the situation in Ukraine we expect to release it in the middle of May. It will be a fully functional App with extended functionality.

Buddha: Cool. Second question is about Metalaunch. Many are interested in how it will work and what role will 1ART token play. Also is there already inquiries/talks with potential partners who want to launch their project via OneArt? (Kuz)

Nazar: Ohh, this is probably the most interesting for the community :)

Meta launch is the new interpretation of the launchpads created by our team that has no analogs on the market right now. And the Metalaunch will have the ultimate utility of 1ART tokens.

Rod: We have several partners that will be announced very soon.

Denis: For the Meta Launch, team already have a concept and plans to start active development.

Nazar: The only way to participate in Meta Launch is to have a special utility NFT that you can buy using only 1ART tokens on our special marketplace. The number of NFTs will be limited. There will be 5 Tiers starting from 10,000 1ART tokens to 1,000,000 1ART tokens. Each Tier is a unique NFT. If all NFTs are sold out the only way to get this NFT is to buy it on the secondary market from people who bought it first. So in this way NFTs will become more expensive because of the NFT scarcity. And the way how tokens will be launched is also new. No unlocks. No private rounds. No selling pressure. These will be unique projects that will utilize OneArt products in their businesses. And the goal is not to make money, but to make successful projects that will expand the OneArt Ecosystem. And our goal is to make OneArt a kind of protocol solution for NFT related projects that will utilize our mobile Apps, Web3 Solutions and many more. So according to our road map we plan to release iOS and Android Apps as well as Web3 Solution by May and Meta Launch by summer this year. Since we are now in some bear market it is a great time to build the products and when the market becomes green again we will make some noise. So soon we will announce the special sale of OneArt utility NFTs that will allow you to participate in Meta Launch.

Denis: Yeap, patience and hard work.

Buddha: That is amazing. I think everyone can’t wait for the Meta Launch.

Nazar: Actually we will have a competition to choose the best name for it :)

Buddha: Following the token topic, Kuz is asking: “Hacken CEO Dyma mentioned in early stages that some big important investors bought in on OneArt on a high price and that maintaining a price above $0.50 was of importance. Since we dropped a lot in price, are those investors still with us?” “Private round C and D are about to release their tokens linearly, this will bring without a doubt some selling pressure. How do you prevent the token from falling?”

And the following is from Benji @__BATMAN: “What are your plans to navigate through the bear market?”

Nazar: Sure, these are very long term investors. “Price drop” is the price to pay when you make 100x at TGE. Any project that has vesting for IDOs and private investors is facing these troubles. Even now we are still 10x from the start which is a great result. Product Launch as well as Meta Launch will give a great utility for 1ART tokens that will definitely cause some price appreciation. Our team is monitoring the supply as well as private investors who are dumping and definitely there will be sanctions on those one. So we don’t see any problem with the price at the moment, we have over 3 million USD liquidity in our pool on Pancake swap, Yoshi and Spooky. So anyone can buy or sell any amount, the liquidity is enough. Price is a matter of supply/demand. When we reduce supply by applying sanctions to those who are dumping and increase demand by providing utility of 1ART tokens, the price will go up. It’s a matter of time. And also we will extend the OneArt Earn Program adding additional farming pools.

Buddha: Anything about a plan for a bear market?

Nazar: Yes, and also the bear market plays its role. FTM and BNB went down 2 times. The same happened with all tokens. Because all of them have liquidity pairs with those coins. When the market goes up, tokens will go up too. This is mathematics.

Buddha: Great. We have a few questions left and then we will have time for open questions from the community. So let’s keep it short. Question about partnerships from J F and Daniel B-F: “As OneArt should become sth like spotify/netflix with digital content being paid in 1ART-Token .. are there already partnerships with content-creators/artists/filmstudios?” “Can you already realease some Updates about partnerships e.g. opensea, roblox, sandbox, ect.?”

Rod: We are in touch with dozens of artists and teams. For every new incoming partnership right now we are developing our own competition, contests which give profits not only for partners but the community and users as well.

Nazar: Yes, this is one of the concepts on OneArt App. Artists will have their own profiles and customers will be able to subscribe for these accounts paying some price. And using 1ART tokens artists will be able to promote their accounts to earn more. So 1ART will play the role of booster. Spotify/Netflix like projects always take a lot of development time, but we are doing our best to release it as soon as possible.

Regarding partnerships, any NFT related project will want to become our partner when we release a product. This is just a matter of time. We prefer well known partners with good reputation other than dozens of poor projects. But big projects always want to see the product first and then release a partnership. That’s why we haven’t announced many partnerships yet. As I said before, 1ART is a long term project and long term investments. A few years later you will see it more often than metamask and others. We pay a lot of attention to the quality.

Buddha: And the final one is by Gimuna: “What are your plans after realization of all goals set on OneArt? Will there be similar projects ran by the same team?”

Nazar: Don’t think so. Personally I worked on Hacken for more than 3 years. Now I’m working on OneArt.

Denis: We plan One Art as an ecosystem. Ecosystem should always evolve.

Nazar: Definitely we will be helping projects that will be launched by Meta Launch. Because it will grow the OneArt ecosystem. As well as 1ART token. But these will be very high quality projects. I expect around 1 project per 1–2 months to ensure the highest quality.

Buddha: Okay, we have some time left, so you can ask your unanswered questions. But don’t drop too many, the team needs to catch up with a lot of work.

_MITHOS_: Can you guys tell us more about the VR/AR direction?

Denis: We are definitely looking into AR/VR. We have connections with some projects. But features themselves may be released later.

_MITHOS_: Are you looking into the physical ART world, things like participating in prominent Art fairs like Miami Art Basel, or working with museums or big name curators, magazines for collaboration?

Rod: We have a plan for it. But right now we are more focused on digital goods. We will do our best to be in physical and digital worlds at the same time. It’s just a question of time of 1ART will step in.

Scarass: Whether you foresee the possibility of solving the NFT storage problem. As you know, the work itself (image, video) is not stored in the blockchain and can be deleted from the server without the desire of the owner of the NFT. Maybe you have a solution to this problem?

Denis: This is one of the issues that the team is also working on. No exact answer at the moment. Aside from that, the team has come up with some security algorithm that will help to deal with private keys and seed phrases in a more secure way. It will be present both in extension and mobile app.

Mading: Have you looked into a partnership with the ORE Foundation? They integrate web2.0 accounts like Google and Facebook to function on web3.0, eliminating the need for a seed phrase and it will give new users a better onboarding experience.

Buddha: We are preparing our own technology that will eliminate the need for seed phrases to make entering into the NFT world as easy as never.


While there have been some delays in releasing technical updates and we have not been untouched by the aftermath of the attack on Ukraine, the one thing that continues to keep us in line is the work we love and the belief that only together can we achieve heights.

Now we have fully restored our workflow and continue to strive for our goal — building a solid infrastructure for a smooth shift to NFT and Metaverse with our branded products.

And don’t forget to keep your 1ART tokens, they’ll come in handy for the Metalaunch😉

Also soon we will announce winners with the best questions, each will get 500 1ART🤩

Stay tuned!

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