ArtWallet is partnering up with WOM Protocol

2 min readOct 22, 2021

The ArtWallet team is proud to introduce its new partner, WOM Protocol. This brand new user-generated marketing channel leverages the most effective form of marketing: honest word-of-mouth recommendations. This partnership is aimed at boosting awareness about ArtWallet among users worldwide. WOM Protocol is one of the leading advertisers of blockchain and NFT projects in the industry, and the list of its partners includes such well-known brands as KuCoin, ChainLink,, Liquid, and other projects.

There are several precious products for ArtWallet within the WOM ecosystem; one of them is BULLZ. Users of this product are paid for providing honest and correct feedback about the piece of art of their interest. Incentives to creators are paid in WOM tokens. Also, WOM Protocol rewards content authenticators who validate the input provided by creators. There is no need for a middleman within the WOM ecosystem since community participants interact transparently. For blockchain projects, BULLZ allows accessing all recommendations made about a project by signing up to the campaign manager. As a result, projects can realize whether they apply effective marketing strategies.

The other product developed by WOM Protocol that is interesting for the ArtWallet community is YAAS, the highly active NFT marketplace.

Marketing activities play a fundamental role in the development of the global NFT market. By partnering up with leading marketing experts, ArtWallet creates favorable conditions for successful IDO and further project advancement. Effective marketing strategies are the backbone of every solid blockchain project, and it’s a great pleasure for ArtWallet to partner up with this marketing guru.

ArtWallet IDO is coming rapidly, and looking forward to sharing with you the first results. Actively monitor our announcements.

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