ArtWallet thanks DisBalancer for helping in preparing and conducting a safe IDO

2 min readNov 8, 2021

ArtWallet, the ultimate solution for storing and owning NFTs with the simple gateway to the most reputable NFT marketplaces, expresses gratitude towards DisBalancer, the decentralized system to ensure DDoS resistance, for helping in mitigating the risks of deceiving users through the scammers’ creation of fake ArtWallet accounts.

The scam disruption of the project is an often occurring event once a new product is born and enters the market. It concerns the well-being of the users and alerts at-risk individuals to the possibility of being a victim of fraud. As a rule of thumb, the users get invited to fraudulent groups where they are provided with unknown addresses and asked to send money. Scammers are highly skilled at inventing unbelievably similar-looking announcement pages and deceiving their victims, succeeding by preying on a victim’s trust and good nature. Often, the scammers try to move the conversation away from the community channel and throw themselves directly into a one-on-one interaction in private chats.

All of the above descriptions were precisely what happened to ArtWallet and its fellow community members. Fortunately for ArtWallet, DisBalancer, the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation, was working on the technology that helped ArtWallet withstand the attack. Thanks to DisBalancer’s test nets, the impure and wicked duplicates of ArtWallet were put down in a matter of seconds after they’ve been identified, leaving no chance of deceiving users any further. ArtWallet’s reputation has been luckily saved thanks to the outstanding technology of DisBalancer.

ArtWallet has a brilliant technology and objectively has a lot to offer to a user. Unfortunately, we as a team cannot cover every aspect of what can go sideways in terms of security. Still, luckily, we have Disbalancer now by our side, which has enormous expertise on the topic. We fully trust them.” says Nazar Khlavka, the Head of Product at ArtWallet.

Scammer attacks are a no joke. We know how difficult it could be, especially when your main job is to focus on your product and deliver the best results you can. DisBalancer was happy to be at the right place and moment to help ArtWallet carry out a great IDO. We hope to keep in touch and for a further prosperous relationship with ArtWallet,” says Alex Horlan, the Co-Founder at DisBalancer.

About ArtWallet:

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