ArtWallet to become a crucial element of the Fantom Ecosystem

3 min readOct 21, 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce that the ArtWallet joins the rapidly growing basic Blockchain, Fantom Ecosystem, to become the ultimate part of the Fantom NFT space.

ArtWallet: Revolutionary product for NFT lovers

ArtWallet is a smart & secure NFT app for artists and metaverse creators, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. ArtWallet brings together the critical elements of modern digital art, including NFT marketplaces, virtual galleries, and creators.

ArtWallet will create the most persistent NFT minting and data storing; thus, keeping big NFT audio/video files becomes accessible now. ArtWallet meets industry needs, including data persistence, hardware integration, security, AR/VR integration, and mass adoption. The cross-chain token 1ART powers the ArtWallet ecosystem. The native token will be used for NFTs cross-chain bridging, getting access to the exclusive content, Audio/Visual content streaming, creators’ rewarding, and many more.

Why Fantom?

Fantom is a rapidly growing ecosystem.

The crucial technical advantages of Fantom are the high speed (<1 second) and the low cost of transactions. Thereby, Fantom blockchain addresses the blockchain trilemma under which security and decentralization may be ensured only by sacrificing speed.

Fantom is growing because it applies the leaderless Proof-of-Stake protocol that ensures a high level of security since everyone can become a validator. Fantom is actively developing within the NFT industry, as a result of which they recently launched Artium led by Andre Cronje.

One of the main reasons behind the significant growth of Fantom in 2021 is partnerships. Namely, Fantom has partnered with the international digital assets platform Fireblocks that secures assets worth >$400 bln and leading crypto players such as Chainlink and The Graph.

ArtWallet to become the ultimate part of the Fantom Ecosystem

ArtWallet is a perfect product-market fit to the Fantom ecosystem. Supporting Fantom Blockchain, NFT Bridges, audio/visual streaming, and many more features in one place will boost the Fantom NFT Ecosystem. Perfect user experience will bring more user adoption in the Fantom NFT space. Owning and Storing NFTs on Fantom was never so easy. With direct access to any NFT marketplace from one App, a vast network of Artists and Creators ArtWallet will become a crucial element of the Fantom Ecosystem.

ArtWallet MVP is going live this year. Stay tuned for further updates.

IDO on ScaleSwap will go on Fantom

One more exciting news piece is that the IDO that is planned for October 26th will go on Fantom Blockchain. ScaleSwap opens the room for the Fantom community to take part in the ArtWallet IDO. Totally 1,000,000 1ART tokens will be available for sale. 1ART tokens will be vested for 3 months and will be available for claiming on the Fantom Blockchain.

Exciting times are coming, do not miss ArtWallet IDO on October 26th.

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