“Bored Ape Nazi Club?”

Mockery & “Troll Olympics?” BAYC “Nazi” Story to Be Continued


  • BAYC is an “alt-right inside joke” and a social experiment to manipulate people not having in-depth knowledge of 4chan internet culture fueled by pseudo-intellectualists obsessed with esoteric ideas.
  • Preferring an ape to any other image is a deliberate message. To convey racist messages, BAYC uses symianization, i.e., comparing or likening racial or ethnic groups to apes.
  • BAYC NFTs feature racist caricatures.
  • BAYC NFT owners should “burn” their tokens.
Source: CoinDesk

Need some examples? Here we go with the top 7 whopping ones

  1. As per researchers, the BAYC logo looks like the Nazi “Totenkopf.” It also has a rough edge and 18 teeth, with 18 being an alphanumeric code for Adolf Hitler where 1=A and 8=H.
Source: BAYC website
An ape wearing a Prussian helmet. Source: OpenSea
Source: Rolling Stone
Source: OpenSea
Source: OpenSea

What do BAYC creators say?

Source: Know Your Meme
Source: Gordon Goner

Final thoughts

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