Crypto News Not to Miss Out

ETH drops over 17% after the Merge, experts in a worry

Source: CoinMarketCap

Cardano hard fork is now live

OpenSea launches OpenRarity & adds support for Arbitrum

Opera to integrate Elrond

The US plans to ban algorithmic stablecoins for two years

Binance’s new Global Advisory Board to regulate crypto?

Zilliqa to launch a Web3 gaming console

Fraudsters never sleep: TikTok, Revolut, and bridge hacks

  • Crypto scammers move to TikTok. According to BBB research, the most popular videos feature people with a large amount of cash offering “easy ways” to make money on crypto.
  • Revolut users’ data exposed after a hack. The issue might have affected over 50,000 people. The company says hackers accessed the data of only 0.16% of its users for a short time.
  • Ethereum-Arbitrum bridge vulnerability detected. It might have caused over $200 million in losses.

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