Development digest #2

We are not backing down from our main goal — to gain the leading foothold in the NFT industry. Our team is moving steadily towards its realization and making our brand NFT app more and more ground-breaking.

Behind the scenes we have been working with a team of professional VR & AR developers for some time already. In the collaboration, we explore possible options for implementing these cutting-edge technologies in our app.

But of course, it’s just the initial stage for now. We are full of enthusiasm and patience: VR&AR implementation is quite cumbersome and can take months to realize.

What is already in process

The mobile app development:

  • Custom Collections Module

The feature that allows users to form NFTs owned into custom collections.

  • App refactoring

The team is working on changing the library responsible for transactions and interaction with chains, ensuring more stability.

Plan to finish by the end of next week.

What else is happening onboard?

  • The team grows in number

We have new brilliant teammates: iOS Dev, Android Dev, Project Manager. Besides, at the moment, one more iOS position is closing. So, developing process will go faster🦾

  • Product team closes the documentation issue

The production team is finishing documentation on Web3 wallet specification and will proceed with UX/UI development.

Continue to keep an eye out for the breaking news!

Also we are thankful to our dedicated community members who continue to help us improving the development process. Most active of them will receive a reward from pool of 100,000 1ART!

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