Development digest #5

Product development, especially when a release is on the way, is both a complex and exciting process. But the challenges only inspire us to keep moving forward. In addition, our team continues to expand: we have +3 QA engineers on the board to ensure proper testing.

What’s on the tech agenda today?

App-related stuff:

  • Applications integration with a back-end is in progress — creating a single ecosystem for apps.
  • Collections dashboard is done — possibility to create and manage own collections with NFT content.
  • Correct wallet onboarding is done — step by step guide of wallet’s main functionality.
  • OneArt Wallet send NFT functionality has been started — the possibility to send and receive NFT content between different wallets.
  • OneArt Wallet NFT preview for Android application is done — the possibility to browse NFT wallet-related content.

Web-extension advancement:

  • Basic architecture implementation is in progress.
  • Network balance and chain price in USD are in progress.

And finally, the app is being moderated and tested for critical bugs. So soon it will be available to everyone. Stay tuned so you don’t miss this big moment!

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Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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