Development digest #6

We’re almost at the point: the pre-public version is still being approved by AppStore. Just a little more time and you will be able to use it!

Our tech-oriented highlights to date

App-related outcomes:

  • Applications integration with a back-end is done — creating a single ecosystem for applications.
  • OneArt Wallet send NFT functionality is done — the possibility to send and receive NFT content between different wallets.
  • Adding custom tokens to wallet is done.
  • A single NFT preview feature is done — the possibility to view own NFT content.
  • Transaction history for NFT details is done — the possibility to view the full history of transactions for specific NFTs.

Web-extension outcomes:

  • Basic architecture implementation is done.
  • Network balance and chain price in USD is done.
  • The UI part for web-extension has been started — design elements implementation.

This way, the formal stage of testing and checking will soon be over and you’ll be able to fully explore all the benefits of the feature-rich branded app. Stay tuned so you don’t miss this big moment!

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Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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