Development Digest #9

We’ve successfully launched our OneArt Wallet for iOS. Users of iOS 15.0 and above can now download it here. For our team, it’s just the beginning. The app is live, and now we are tweaking some features, working on stabilization and bug fixing.

Also, we’ve added two new screens:

  • Intro screen
  • Walkthrough screen.

What’s in progress:

  • Dashboard redesign
  • Transactions updates and stabilization
  • Fixing critical issues and UI bugs.

Android app features done:

  • Wallet details — possibility to view/send tokens assigned to the wallet
  • NFT dashboard — possibility to manage your NFTs
  • NFT preview — possibility to view different types of NFTs in the app

Two more Android features are in progress:

  • Settings — profile settings screen
  • Walkthrough screen — the screen for the first entry with a brief description of the functionality.

Web extension features in progress:

  • Integration with mobile apps
  • UI part for web extension — Send screen implementation (the feature that allows sending tokens between wallets).

Stay in touch for upcoming updates and join our community to help us make the OneArt ecosystem better!

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