Introducing 1ART Token Dashboard — the first step to a fully transparent circulating supply and token distribution model

Circulating Supply Analysis is one of the most important elements of token design and community trust. For this reason, OneArt Team has made efforts into designing a fully transparent dashboard where anyone can analyze the token distribution and understand to whom the tokens belong. Check it out here:

In the modern era of IDOs, most of the projects were launched with a low circulation supply (under 10% of the total) and the rest of the tokens were vested for a long period of time. In most cases, there was neither transparency around token distribution nor clear guidance on the actual circulating supply.

Cryptocurrency aggregators like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap represent only self-reported circulating supply, while any of the projects can cheat on the actual one, minting tokens without representing it in circulating supply, creating the big selling pressure without letting the community know about it.

That’s why we have created a transparent circulating supply model and token distribution table, where anyone in just a few seconds can get a full picture of 1ART Actual Circulating Supply.

What data is available on the dashboard?

Actual Circulating Supply Chart

We analyze the token distribution among BSC and FTM Chains (where 1ART tokens are available) and define the categories tokens belong to.

Liquidity Pools: the total amount of tokens locked in Liquidity on DEXs. We analyze all DEXs and all Liquidity Pairs where 1ART tokens are available. Liquidity is very important data showing the ability of tokens to be bought or sold in sufficient amounts. Low liquidity always indicates that the project doesn’t have enough power for growth.

CEXs: the total amount of tokens locked on Centralized Exchanges including exchange cold wallets and temporary addresses where tokens are locked during the transfer to those exchanges. The high number of tokens on the CEX hot wallet may cause a big selling pressure, however, the insufficient amount may result in a lack of liquidity. Also, it’s important to know that many people use CEXs just as storage for their tokens, which is not always good from a security point of view.

Flexible Staking: the total amount of tokens to be allocated on the OneArt staking contracts. The high number of tokens on staking represents trust from the investors or good investment terms. Currently, 1ART Flexible Staking (tokens can be deposited or withdrawn at any time) provides an up to 14,68% APR.

Strategic Investors (BETA): the number of tokens on balances of our strategic investors and holders. In 1ART Tokenomics, we consider people who haven’t sold or moved tokens for the last 3 months strategic investors. Addresses that participated in staking or other activities associated with 1ART Token Utility aren’t included. The high amount of strategic investors represents the trust in the project from the investment perspective. The bigger the number of strategic holders, the higher the growth potential.

Please note that “Strategic Investors Dashboard” works in Beta mode and there might be some inaccuracy. The team is continuing to improve the dashboard.

Other: all tokens left in the hands of token holders except tokens mentioned above.

Token distribution and unlocking schedule

At OneArt Tokenomics tokens were split between Private Investor (Round A, Round B, Round C), Hacken Foundation Classic, and LP Farming, and 4 IDO Rounds including NFTb IDO (distribution finished), ScaleSwap IDO (distribution finished), IEO (distribution finished), HAI Round (distribution ongoing).

Due to big selling pressure during the Token Launch as well as some unfair behavior of many private investors, the OneArt Tokenomics was adjusted to keep the balance between buying and selling pressure. Some private round vesting schedules were extended as well as some agreements were terminated. Please note that private round distribution numbers are rounded and may not reflect real numbers. In the next version of the 1ART Token Dashboard, the numbers will be more accurate.

What we are working on now

1ART Tokens distribution between holders. We are working on the dashboard representing the Holding Power among token holders. It will show in detail the ratio between strong holders/medium holders/flippers, etc.

1ART Token Inflation Rate. The actual inflation rate represents the ratio of new tokens to be issued on a daily basis. The inflation rate is a very important rate representing the growth or decrease in selling pressure. The higher inflation rate may cause the lower price of a token, while a low inflation rate causes higher demand since tokens are available only on the market.

1ART Indexes. 1ART Smart Indexes show the ratio between liquidity and circulation supply, the number of tokens on strong hands to circulation supply, and so on. Analyzing this ratio investors will clearly understand the real value of tokens and the community standing behind the project.

1ART Token Holders Table. We will analyze each token holder and create the rating of the strongest 1ART token holders. The strongest holders will be rewarded. Details to follow soon.

ART Token Dashboard — the first step to a fully transparent circulating supply and token distribution model

The Token Dashboard will be at the heart of the new Project launched via Metalaunch. We strongly believe that tokenomics will move towards interacting with traditional finance. A clear understanding of the circulating supply will lead to a higher trust of the community and Institutional Investors.


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