Limited ArtWallet Beta Testing Opportunity for our Community

3 min readDec 16, 2021


ArtWallet team is pleased to share the great news with our Community. We have delivered on the promises given to you. The beta version of our app is ready for testing. The last few months were full of challenges and complex tasks but thanks to the professionalism of our team and personal commitments of each member, you will have a chance to try this beta version.

How can I participate the Exclusive Beta Testing Opportunity by ArtWallet?

You have to fill in our application form:

Only those users who have sent the application form and meet our requirements will be able to test our beta.


  • use iPhone with iOS version above 13.7
  • be a proactive person who is passionate about NFT, Metaverse, and ArtWallet
  • provide feedback, complete surveys, and interact with other beta-testers

Features you will have a chance to test

  • NFT & crypto wallet

The wallet where you can securely store your virtual assets. The list of supported blockchains includes Fantom, BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon.

  • Personal collections

Create your personalised collections by owning and securely storing your favourite NFTs.

  • AirPlay streaming

Stream your favourite NFTs on any device by connecting your phone to TV

  • Marketplace aggregation

A number of marketplaces are integrated into a single interface. But there will be only 1 marketplace available in MVP.


By participating in the beta testing you will help us develop better and more functional app. We will collect your feedback to introduce further improvements.

In exchange for your active participation, you will get attractive rewards. The more valuable feedback you provide, the more tokens you get. The reward distribution principle is simple.

The total reward pool is 100,000 1ART tokens.

Interested in becoming a beta tester of ArtWallet app? Then apply and welcome on board.

Important information

Please note, that this will be a beta test of MVP, i.e. the very first version of the app. This means that functionality will be limited and UI/UX may be poor.


We are going to launch the closed beta testing of our application in 2 weeks (before New Year). So, hurry up to apply for this beta testing. It’s your chance to contribute to making ArtWallet one of the greatest NFT apps.

The beta testing will be active until we ensure that the app is free of any bugs and operational flaws. At this stage, quality is much more important than time. ArtWallet will be a cool product thanks to your involvement, our wonderful community of NFT enthusiasts.

Please be informed that Android testing will begin soon. Stay tuned.

About ArtWallet

ArtWallet is a smart & secure NFT app for artists and metaverse creators, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. ArtWallet brings together the critical elements of modern digital art, including NFT marketplaces, virtual galleries, and creators.

ArtWallet will create the most persistent NFT minting and data storing. ArtWallet meets industry needs, including data persistence, hardware integration, security, AR/VR integration, and mass adoption. The cross-chain token 1ART powers the ArtWallet ecosystem.

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