Meta Digest #12

Cannes releases its own NFTs

Cannes, a renowned venue for the annual Film Festival, will be the first city in Europe to release its landmarks in the form of NFTs.

The city municipality considers this as “an initiative for advancing the beauty of the Cannes destination via the improvement and promotion of its historical heritage, vector of identity and authenticity.”

During the International Festival of Creativity, 10 tokens will be auctioned off, and the 11th will be given away for free to a city resident as part of a raffle.

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Japanese messaging app LINE kicks off the NFT Marketplace

Japan’s largest messenger has officially launched its marketplace — LINE NFT. The partnership with LVC Corporation has resulted in the release of about 40,000 different tokens.

NFTs will include videos from Yoshimoto NFT Theater and images of different anime characters from Patlabor the Mobile Police.

It will be possible to buy tokens using the network’s currency, the LINK token (LN).

LINE was the first of Japan’s big companies to embrace the blockchain world, launching its cryptocurrency exchange in 2018.

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China launches the NFT marketplace

The Sichuan Department of Culture and Tourism has set up an NFT marketplace, with the aim of “pushing the music industry to actively engage in new technologies.”

Sichuan is a hotbed of contemporary Chinese music, and last week the government drew attention to the fact that many music companies were using blockchain technology.

In turn, the state media has spoken negatively about the NFT sphere, calling them just “digital collectibles,” and the phenomenon itself a “market madness.”

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Mastercard joins the metaverse

Mastercard has filed for 15 metaverse and crypto trademarks to assert its influence in the virtual world. Therefore, the company follows in the footsteps of Visa and American Express and joins the NFT and Metaverse world.

The company plans to integrate the possibility of community interaction with digital assets, provide payment processing in the metaverse and online marketplaces, virtual events and more.

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Forbes launches ​​Virtual Billionaires NFT Collection

Forbes presented a preview of its virtual Billionaires NFT collection. The collection includes “a group of fictional investors with huge theoretical portfolios and virtual net worth based on live New York Stock Exchange pricing”.

In partnership with FTX, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Forbes released the tokens on April 13. The sale includes an initial issue of 100 Virtual NFT Billionaires. When the Forbes collection is sold out, stakeholders will still be able to participate by selecting Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires for sale on any ERC-721 marketplace.

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Zara launches a solo collection in the metaverse

Fashion brand Zara has released its new Lime Glam collection. The clothes and accessories can be worn inside the Zepeto metaverse, as well as purchased in brick and mortar stores.

The collection has 8 items that automatically qualify for a digital counterpart when purchased. Zepeto also has 3 bonus items not available in real life.

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CFDA steps Into Metaverse With NFT Education Programme

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), in collaboration with Sandbox and Polygon Studios, will launch an educational programme for its members.

It will provide tools and knowledge for fashion designers, who can then realize their creative potential and grow their business in Web3.

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Mac collaborates with Keith Haring to launch its first-ever NFT collection

MAC Cosmetics has created its first NFT collection featuring the work of the late iconic artist and activist Keith Haring. The release was initiated in honor of National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day held April 10.

The collection will be available from April 10 to June 1, 2022. All proceeds from primary sales of the collection will be donated to MAC VIVA GLAM to support youth affected by HIV/AIDS, while 2.5% of all secondary sales at OpenSea will go to the Keith Haring Foundation.

The limited-edition NFT collection includes three animations of VIVA GLAM lipstick decorated with Haring’s most famous works of art.

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