Meta Digest #18

3 min readMay 27, 2022

Love, Death + Robots with NFT

The long-awaited third season of Love, Death + Robots officially returned for the third season last Friday. To celebrate the launch, Netflix has announced a digital hunt for nine QR codes. They’re scattered across the LDR social media, digital platforms, and physical billboards. Currently, only three episodes are available.

Each QR code gives you access to one of the digital collectibles representing an episode from the third volume. You can either mint art from the series as an NFT or just save it via right-click on the website. “The choice is yours, human,” Netflix says.

Minting is free, but a gas fee is included. Netflix and producers won’t earn on it. The resale price is very low.

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Beeple’s Twitter hacked

An unknown hacker took over digital artist Beeple’s Twitter account for about five hours. The scammer posted malicious links, which possibly led to a $438,000 worth of crypto and NFTs loss.

As per developer Harry Denley, a security expert at MetaMask, during scam#1 the hacker stole 36ETH (roughly $72,000). The second one was more complex, giving a chance to steal about $366,000 from Ethereum, Wrapped Ether, and NFT wallets. However, Beeple said it was impossible to find out if the money was actually lost as a result of the scam.

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GameStop launches a crypto wallet

At the end of March, GameStop launched a beta version of its NFT marketplace. Now it’s time to introduce a non-custodial crypto wallet integrated into Ethereum L2 Loopring. Users will access cheaper and faster transactions than those offered on the Ethereum L1.

The wallet supports ETH, NFT, and ERC20 transactions. It’s in beta so far, but later the wallet will be integrated into the GameStop NFT marketplace. Also, the company plans to roll out an iOS app.

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Seth Green’s BAYCs stolen. No more shows, folks

Seth Green, an actor and producer, has his NFTs stolen via a phishing link. The loss includes the Bored Ape, which not only costs a fortune but was supposed to star in Seth’s new show. DarkWing84 has already bought the ape for $200,000 and has transferred it to the GBE Vault.

It’s believed that the actor may have also lost the commercial rights to the main character of his show. However, Seth will clearly stand against it and go to court to get his stuff back. He tried to contact the new owner via Twitter, but, so far, unsuccessfully.

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eBay drop

The marketplace has officially launched its first NFT collection in collaboration with the NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. It features animated Gretzky images inspired by sports magazines’ covers. There’re three tiers: gold (199), platinum (99), and diamond (15). However, the first drop is sold out, but more collectibles will be coming soon.

Since mid-2021, the company has been displaying NFTs on its marketplace, but it hasn’t integrated it with the blockchain. That’s why NFTs are formally received outside the platform via a link sent to a buyer’s email after the purchase.

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Jamiroquai & The Sandbox team up

Jamiroquai has announced a partnership with The Sandbox. The acid jazz-funk band plans to bring “virtual insanity” to the metaverse (a reference to the band’s most popular single).

More details about the collaboration will be revealed in the coming months, but Jamiroquai seems to get their own land with a touch of “funk, freedom, and fashion.” So far, The Sandbox and Jamiroquai have launched a collab merch line.

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NFTs by Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid is entering the metaverse with her first CY-B3LLA NFT drop of ten series of tokens (11,111 in total).

CY-B3LLA will become a pass to an exclusive international community that supports cultural diversity. Items with 3D scans of Bella’s body have been created by artists from 10 countries. There are no specific details about the utilities, other than the opportunity to meet Bella, cooperate with her, and receive keys to private mansions in her metaverse.

The tokens are being minted in collaboration with RE-B4S3 developing geo-based minting technologies. To unlock airdrops and get the rewards and utilities, NFT owners will have to visit certain locations physically.

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