Meta Digest #19

GQ in the metaverse

GQ, the world’s leading men’s magazine, is developing a Web3 entry strategy. It appears to have an extensive roadmap that has yet to be revealed.

The first step is already done. The crew has launched its GQ3 Discord server and prepared the June/July 2022 metaverse issue. As per Joel Pavelski of GQ, “We’re throwing a party, GQ is the host, Discord is the venue, and you’re invited… We are getting ready to experiment with NFT, Web3, and the metaverse.”

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NFT100 by nft now

nft now has announced the launch of the NFT100 rating to feature 100 creators and community members in the NFT sphere annually.

The rating will include both individuals’ and editors’ evaluations. NFT enthusiasts can nominate up to four candidates in the ‘Creators’ and ‘Community’ categories.

From May 31 to June 10, you can fill out the form with the nominee’s data. The top 100 will be announced on June 21 during NFT.NYC.

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Ask Kanye about NFT now

Just a few months ago, Kanye West asked to stop asking him about the NFT launch. And now he’s filed 17 trademark applications for YEEZUS. They mention NFTs, “metaverse experiences,” and a marketplace with collectibles, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets.

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OnlyFans founder to launch a platform for trading collectible NFT cards

Tim Stokely, the OnlyFans founder, plans to launch Zoop — a decentralized platform on Polygon. Fans will be able to collect, trade, sell, and buy cards featuring celebrities.

The first drops including 500 cards of each celebrity will be available this summer. Currently, a priority pass is released for those wanting to take part in the platform’s pre-launch.

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Hotel booking via NFT

The Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic has signed an agreement with startup Pinktada to implement an NFT booking system.

The partnership aims to avoid last-minute cancellations by guests.

When buying NFT from Pinktada, hotel guests can book rooms at a discount but without the possibility of canceling their reservation. If the guest’s plans change, they can sell the token, while the hotel won’t lose its revenue.

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Prada and Cassius Hirst

Yesterday, Prada rolled out a hundred NFTs featuring unisex shirts from the Timecapsule collection by designer Cassius Hirst, son of artist Damien Hirst. Those who buy a physical item get NFT gifted.

The shirts are button-down. The NFTs are GIFs with a capsule. Both physical shirts and digital items come in black or white.

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