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DC Comics builds NFT marketplace

So far, the beta version is available. It includes a few projects (DC FanDome, DC Bat Cowl Collection, and some others), but sooner or later, the entire vast DC universe will join the space.

All the stuff is built on Palm, which provides low gas fees and fast transactions. But nothing is infallible. For example, the withdrawal fee is $25.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord servers hacked

According to Yuga Labs, they were attacked on Saturday, and the scammer stole NFTs worth 200 ETH ($360,000).

The hack occurred after Boris Vagner, the project community manager, got his Discord account breached. The scammers used it to post phishing links to both the official BAYC server and its associated project, Otherside.

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Snoop Dogg announces NFT desserts eatery

American rapper Snoop Dogg has partnered with the Food Fighters Universe ­ — a restaurant chain powered by NFTs — to announce conceptual desserts.

Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration will be launched in Los Angeles under the FFU umbrella, the company behind Bored & Hungry. This fast-food restaurant, inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, opened in April 2022.

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Warner Bros. x Nifty’s = Looney Tunes NFTs

Warner Bros. has announced a collaboration with the NFT-focused platform Nifty’s to release an official collection. The “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block” collection drop is scheduled for the end of June. NFTs will feature a unique Looney Tunes story and celebrate Tweety’s B-day: the character is turning 80.

Collectors are also in for some extra perks: special access to Looney Tunes’ merch, virtual meetups, unreleased content, and upcoming NFTs.

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Gala Games brings the first NFT game to the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store users will access the GRIT NFT game by Gala Games. It will run on the Unreal Engine.

The battle royale game is Wild West-themed. Gala Games has rolled out 10K boxes (ERC-1155), providing users with unique customized avatars (ERC-721).

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Gucci in the Roblox Metaverse

The famous fashion house has opened its Gucci Town in Roblox. The company executives say the space is modeled after a traditional Italian piazza, where anyone can take part in a variety of events, visit a local café, or buy a trendy outfit for their avatar.

It’s not the first time Gucci is diving into Web3: earlier, a Gucci Garden was open for two weeks. More news is emerging about luxury brands successfully launching their projects in this space. So, we can be almost certain the future of fashion lies with Web3.0.

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Alibaba Cloud to launch NFT service. Or not

Alibaba Cloud, the leading cloud service provider in China, announced the launch of NFT solutions on Wednesday. It claimed the service for “web hosting, digital marketing, and content delivery” could help create non-fungible tokens marketplaces.

On Thursday, the tweet vanished 🤔

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