Meta Digest #21

Crypto Academy by Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey will fund The Bitcoin Academy for all residents (including children) of the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, where Jay grew up.

Free courses will provide crypto education and help learn more about bitcoin and finance in general.

Attendees will also get one-year prepaid smartphones to remove obstacles to entering the crypto space. Children will be able to attend a Crypto Kids Camp.

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Blockchain tickets for Olympics 2024

Michel Cadot, the French Government interministerial delegate for the Olympic Games, has presented a report on the events organization improvement. The idea came up after problems during the Liverpool vs Real Madrid Champions League final.

One of the recommendations concerns the ticketing system for major sports events. As per Michel Cadot, blockchain-based solutions could provide fans with additional security. Tickets must be fully digital, non-transferable, and sent by the ticketing organization a few days before the start of the event.

The system is planned to be introduced during the 2023 Rugby World Cup, 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, and other major events such as Roland-Garros.

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Cool Cats x The Sandbox

The Cool Cats project has teamed up with The SandBox. They tweeted about bringing their 3D avatars to The Sandbox.

We will see them on The Sandbox no sooner than this October. More details about the collaboration coming soon.

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OpenSea moves to the Seaport protocol

On Tuesday, OpenSea announced moving to Seaport. The update is believed to bring the following improvements:

  • reduction of gas fees (average savings of 35%);
  • the cancellation of the setup fee for new accounts;
  • more convenient and simple signatures;
  • the ability to make offers on an entire collection or a group of NFTs with certain traits;
  • enhanced filters by rarity, prices, and attributes.

OS aims to develop the protocol and the marketplace features. Seaport is open source, so interested developers can join in to create new features.

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Byredo & RTFKT

Byredo will launch its first web3 project together with RTFKT.

The Alphameta collab will create digital wearable “auras,” customized scents (both digital and IRL), and NFC tags for bottles.

The limited NFT collection will include 26 visualized ingredients representing emotions. They can be “worn” by CloneX avatars in the Rtfkt ecosystem and mixed to create new flavors. New flavors can also be “recreated” IRL.

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Corvette NFT by Chevrolet

Chevrolet has announced a Corvette NFT auction featuring a lime green Corvette Z06 racing through a cyberpunk landscape created by artist Nick Sullo (xsullo).

The auction winner will also receive an actual Corvette Z06 sports car, exclusively finished in lime green color. The Z06 sports cars will go into production this summer and go on sale in 2023.

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Jack Dorsey’s company introduced the Web5 web platform concept

TBD, a Jack Dorsey’s Block subsidiary, has developed a concept of a decentralized open-source Web5 platform. According to the developers, it will give users full control over their personal data and digital identities.

As per TBD, users’ identification and personal data do not currently belong to them but rather are “the property of third parties.” By the latter developers mean corporations and centralized platforms.

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