Meta Digest #27

Uniswap x Sudoswapp

The Uniswap exchange will integrate Sudoswapp — a decentralized NFT marketplace. It means users will be able to buy NFTs on Uniswap and access the sudoAMM liquidity.

In fact, Sudoswap’s sudoAMM replaces marketplaces with a sort of NFT exchange. It allows to trade assets automatically, via liquidity pools so that there’s no need to connect buyers and sellers directly.

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Miami to team up with Mastercard and TIME for an NFT collection launch

TIME publisher will be in charge of issuing tokens featuring the history and culture of Miami. Mastercard will offer NFT holders exclusive perks, such as private city tours and events. One more partner, Salesforce, will manage minting via its cloud platform.

The Ethereum-based collection of 5,000 tokens created by 56 artists is scheduled for launch in December. The city will get ½ of the sales income, artists will share 25%, and TIME publisher will take 15%. 10% more are to go to charity.

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Dubai police to release another NFT collection

It will be launched during the GITEX technology exhibition, which will be held in October. 150 digital assets will feature the “innovative, safety, and communication values” of the local police.

The first collection was rolled out in spring, making the Dubai police the 1st government agency both in the UAE and in the world to have its own digital assets. 22.9 million people from all over the world confirmed their interest in getting the tokens. A shortlist for the draw was formed, and 150 people who won it got NFTs for free.

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Japan creates “Web 3.0 Policy Office”

Its main goal is to build and develop the Web3-related business environment and provide more opportunities for businesses, investors, and developers.

The trend toward using blockchain, crypto, and NFTs is spreading fast, especially among the younger generation, the local Ministry of Economy says. Meanwhile, the lack of business opportunities leads to a brain drain as individuals and businesses leave Japan for other regions where crypto is supported.

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Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3

The largest Web3 companies have partnered to form a DAO and create a decentralized cross-platform metaverse. Alien Worlds, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Voxels, and more have joined OMA3.

They will work on building a metaverse without barriers so that specific platforms could be “interconnected and fully interoperable.” To solve interoperability issues, the alliance will develop cross-platform standards, portals between various virtual worlds, as well as transferable identities.

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FC Barcelona’s first NFT

“In a Way, Immortal” is a 40-second video dedicated to the iconic goal Johan Cruyff scored in 1973.

It took a top-notch CG and VFX team over 10,000 hours to create it.

It’s the first of ten NFTs featuring historical moments of the club and its players. The holders will also access IRL benefits: Meet & Greets, visits to La Masia football academy, and even the right to play at Camp Nou.

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