Meta Digest #29

‘The Gray Man’ metaverse by Netflix comes to Decentraland

The spy thriller ‘The Gray Man,’ starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, became the starting point for the streaming service to explore the possibilities of virtual interaction with fans and new ways to promote the movie.

‘The Gray Man’ mission is a maze where users navigate using their knowledge of the plot. The goal is to become the best metaverse agent.

The winners will get wearables for their avatars featuring branded looks of the three main agents: the Sierra Six’s jacket, Lloyd’s mustache and polo, and Miranda’s blazer and bob.

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The Weeknd bought 47 FVCKRENDER pieces

These are mostly avatars and crystals from the LVCIDIA collections, as well as 1/1 Pending item. The superstar spent over $70k in total. Apparently, these are his first NFT purchases.

Fans were quick to remind The Weeknd that he’s got his own NFT collection, and it would be worth adding more value and interaction with the community to it.

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Reddit keeps up its blockchain dive

Reddit has integrated FTX Pay as a payment and exchange service for the Reddit Community Points system based on Arbitrum Nova.

Community Points on Reddit are used to measure reputation, i.e., the higher your score, the more you can stand out. The integration will allow users to collect and spend points they earn with FTX Pay to get some membership privileges. They can also use points to pay gas fees and buy ETH right on the app.

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The merge dress rehearsal

The Goerli testnet has completed a successful transition to proof-of-stake. The Ethereum mainnet merge is scheduled for September.

The price of Ether soared by 14% within a day. However, it might be a result of both the successful merge and the news about the US inflation falling to 8.5%.

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ATMs in Decentraland

Decentraland, one of the top existing metaverses, will be the first to host a functioning virtual ATM. Metaverse Architects, a company specializing in 3D modeling in the metaverse, and the Transak payment gateway have teamed up to bring the idea to life.

According to the developers, ATMs will be designed to make it easier for metaverse users to buy crypto without leaving the game.

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Samsung to partner with Theta Labs and release its own NFTs

The company plans to launch its own Galaxy NFT ecosystem to connect the virtual world tokens with IRL benefits.

Galaxy NFTs holders will get various bonuses — from discounts to special offers. Samsungs partners also include Digital Plaza, e-cruise, Shilla Duty Free, Show Golf, and Alllink.

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