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The South Korean university to issue NFT certificates

SKKU, South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University, will be the 1st education establishment to implement NFTs. The university will award NFT-based certificates to three students for winning in-university competitions.

University representatives said that digital certificates would replace documents confirming graduation, and thus the risk of losing documents is minimized. In addition, local media reports that the university will not stop at just certificates: blockchain technology could be introduced in other types of documents.

Other South Korean universities such as Soongsil and Chung-Ang have recently partnered with blockchain developers to deploy metaverse and NFTs projects within the educational process.

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A house in the United States sold for 210 ETH ($653k)

A Florida woman bought a house near Tampa using the NFT technology.

The process of selling a house using NFT consisted of transferring the ownership of the house from a seller to a limited liability company. Once a winner was determined, the ownership moved to the women while the seller received payment in cryptocurrency.

Propy, a real estate transaction platform that organized an “unusual” online house auction, is confident about the future development of the NFT-linked real estate market. The representatives of the Propy stated that the primary purpose for holding such auctions is to make the purchase of real estate less troublesome.

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NYSE brings NFT trade closer with trademark application

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has applied for the trademark “NYSE” for digital assets trading, including NFTs. Thus, the stock exchange got closer to creating a platform for cryptocurrencies and NFTs trading online.

If the NYSE launches a new marketplace, it can compete with market giants like SuperRare, Rarible, or OpenSea.

The exchange’s application indicates that it could also enter the metaverse as it seeks to provide “VR, AR, and MR software.”

In turn, a representative of the NYSE said that the stock exchange does not have any plans to realize NFT and cryptocurrency trading.

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JPMorgan bank enters the metaverse

JPMorgan, the largest bank in the United States, has purchased land in Decentraland and created a virtual lounge room, “Onyx lounge”, thus becoming the first bank to enter the metaverse.

In addition, the bank has released a report on the metaverse market opportunities, which it estimates at one trillion dollars. The JPMorgan report also said that over time, the virtual real estate market might offer services similar to those in the real world: loans, mortgages, and leases.

The bank representatives said that the topic of the metaverse is getting more and more interesting for clients. However, to maximize the full potential of our life in the metaverse, a solid technological infrastructure should be created.

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Rarible partners with VR platform Cyber Teams

The integration of Cyber, a virtual platform, with Rarible will lead to a virtual NFT market creation. It will allow collectors to browse and buy NFTs with VR experience without leaving the metaverse.

The platform is currently available for NFTs mined on the Ethereum blockchain via the Rarible protocol.

Cyber says such integration allows users to access collectibles outside the Cyber marketplace, including those using the Rarible protocol. One of which is, with $291.88 million in trading volume since launch.

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AMC Theaters gives away “Batman” NFTs

The AMC company is giving away NFTs to those who watch the highly awaited “The Batman” premiere in its movie theaters across the U.S. The initiative is part of a new style of interaction within Web3: blockbuster producers rewarding their fans with free branded NFTs.

The AMC press release does not mention the NFT attributes or the number of NFTs.

Looking back on AMC’s previous experience in NFTs giving away, the company was relatively generous with the launch of Spider-Man NFTs. 86,000 NFTs were issued and distributed to more than 425,000 people in a similar initiative.

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YouTube creators to sell videos as NFTs

Just weeks after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced in a blog that the platform was considering ways to incorporate blockchain, YouTube announced the introduction of a feature that allows creators to sell their content to fans in the form of NFTs.

The add-on to the platform is part of new “creator tools” designed to expand the monetization opportunities for content creators.

Buying a video on YouTube NFT establishes ownership only of a specific digital asset, not the original owner’s copyrighted content. Therefore, such NFT-based trading within YouTube carries some legal issues related to copyright law. YouTube is not in a speedy way to address this issue yet.

If you want to know more about NFT integration into social networks, you can check out the OneArt guide.

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