More than just a Wallet! Introducing OneArt Ecosystem — Empowering NFTs and Metaverse Industries

The waiting period is over. ArtWallet will not be the same again. We started with a mission to improve the available infrastructure through the adoption of NFTs. But now, in order to grow bigger, we should think out of the box . OneArt will no longer be just a Mobile App. We are now united under the global vision of becoming a leading NFT&Metaverse Ecosystem bringing together blockchains and communities all around the world. ArtWallet had started with rapid growth (over 100x from the IDO price), but some IDO vesting unlocks made us pause our activities and wait after all weak hands would go away and only true NFT enthusiasts would stay with OneArt.

OneArt Ecosystem

The global mission of OneArt is to build a scalable and easy-to-use NFT & Metaverse infrastructure to let industries utilize the full potential of advanced NFT technologies. The goal is to become a global leader pursuing Mass Adoption through the OneArt Ecosystem Products.

OneArt Wallet & Web3 Wallet

OneArt Wallet (prev. ArtWallet) will be the main element of the ecosystem. Its goal is to become a starting point for the OneArt Ecosystem journey. This is the Multifunctional Mobile App with an essential focus on NFTs and Metaverse. Crypto&NFT multi-chain wallet, NFT bridges, Secure NFT Storage, Augmented&Virtual Reality through the NFTs, and many more. It will be the Mass Adopted App connecting Traditional & Crypto worlds.

And as it was promised, everyone who has applied for closed Beta will be the first to test our Wallet. Check your emails, the invitations for the Closed Test as well as the invitations to the Private Group will start coming now!

OneArt Web3 Wallet

Web1 — Web2 — and now Web3! At OneArt we truly believe and understand that Web3 is the future for the coming years. The full ecosystem can’t truly operate without an easy to use Web3 wallet. And OneArt Web3 will be focused on User Experience, Security, NFTs & Metaverse. The full infrastructure connection to most popular platforms — iOS, Android, and most popular web browsers will become available in Q2 2022.

And right now we are open to partnerships with top NFT, GameFi & Metaverse projects utilizing Web3 that are focused on bringing the adoption to their platform by connecting with OneArt Products. If you want to become our partner, feel free to apply.

Essential focus on NFTs, GameFi & Metaverse Projects

GameFi & Metaverse are bringing huge communities into crypto right now. All these projects utilize NFTs as their core elements and build their infrastructure around this technology. OneArt Ecosystem is focused on making this industry as user friendly as possible to let them enjoy the new experience.

As of end December 2021, the market capitalization of GameFi projects has almost reached $100B ($88B on 30 December 2021). The GameFi industry starts attracting major players such as Ubisoft. For example, Ubisoft has recently invested in the blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands, the market valuation of which has crossed $2B. As a result, the number of game Dapps deployed on the entire network is rapidly increasing and there are >1,200 Dapps already deployed. The most popular blockchain games such as Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, Axie Infinity, and others have communities uniting dozens of thousands users. The total volume of investments into the GameFi industry has amounted to $4B in 2021, >X40 compared to the figures for 2020. Based on these data, it is reasonable to suggest that the industry will observe further growth of the GameFi sector in the coming year.

Recently, one of the leading digital banks Mercobank has announced its plan to enter the NFT market and identify the opportunities for the banking sector to adopt the Metaverse. According to the statement made by the Mercobank CEO Ramon Vicente de Vera, NFTs and Metaverse would dominate the digital space. Goldman Sachs, one of the leading global financial institutions, sees blockchain technology as the key determinant of metaverse development. As a result, the Metaverse projects are among the top-performing tokens in 2021.

What we are targeting, example:

Huge room for growth! OneArt is looking years ahead, not a sprint, but rather a marathon!

Apply for Partnership

OneArt Select

Timeless Art, Celebrities, and Digital Exhibitions. OneArt Select’s goal is to bring NFTs into masses by turning traditional into digital. As of today, NFT technologies do not operate on the full capacity, OneArt Select aims to integrate NFTs into traditional industries. Traditional industries will be able to deliver greater value to their end customers by utilizing the potential of NFT technologies. Actors, famous sportsmen, singers, and other celebrities are interested in cooperating with agencies that can assist them in entering the NFT world. For example, in December this year Michael Jordan jumped into the NFT world by creating a fan engagement platform HEIR built on Solana. Niels Juul, Martin Scorsese’s producer, is going to make the first film fully funded by non-fungible tokens. Thus, people are only beginning to utilize the potential of NFT technologies.

OneArt Earn

Every solid blockchain project gives the community opportunities to grow together. OneArt prioritize giving the community and 1ART token holders many earning opportunities. The very first activity in this direction we have started is staking with lock-ups and without lock-ups. At the moment, more than 13 Million 1ART tokens are successfully staked and the community is benefiting from the process. This is the very first step. Much more earning and DeFi tools will become available in the coming future.

Check out for more information. More staking vaults will become available in the future and we are also going to introduce special Membership Packages giving you additional Perks.

OneArt MetaLaunch

This is something special that we want to keep in secret till it goes live. OneArt Ecosystem will grow much faster by uniting the best talents and companies to build and launch products together. The revolutionary new way of launching projects within the OneArt Ecosystem with the ultimate utility of 1ART token. Coming in Q2 2022.


This definitely can’t be disclosed but this will be something huge! The culmination of OneArt Ecosystem. Coming in Q4 2022.

Check out our new website for more information:

If you are one of our beta testers, enjoy OneArt Wallet Testing!

OneArt team wishes you a Happy New Year!

Let’s meet 2022 with a New Brand, High Mission, and Challenging Goals!

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