OneArt App: Get ready for iOS App presentation during NFT.NYC conference on 20th of June.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the associated use cases introduced across the digital ecosystem have brought ease and accessibility on a better scale. However, it is time to take this to the next level. OneArt, backed by Fantom and Hacken, brings user accessibility to their fingertips by launching its dedicated iOS mobile application.

The mobile application is believed to bring a series of unique features for its users, where it would offer them a direct space to practice activities that are performed across the web application, including participating in multiple farming reward events and campaigns, minting and trading NFTs, swapping NFT, etc., making OneArt an affluent choice in the current NFT market.

How beneficial would the introduction of the mobile application be and the evolution of frequent events for crypto and NFT holders? The following discussion clarifies how OneArt has enhanced user experience with its effective plans for the digital community. (Will be avalaible on 20th of June)

How, when and where will OneArt App be presented?

How: OneArt App for iOS will be opened to download for everyone via the App Store.

📅When: On the 20th of June.

📍Where: New York, NY. During the NFT.NYC conference everyone can come to the event and meet our team.

What Makes OneArt App a Great Choice?

There is a lot to talk about OneArt and the appreciable development, but let’s proceed into how the mobile application can benefit users.

Multichain NFT Wallet — Store your NFTs there. Manage collections, display, share, and mint collectibles via OneArt.

NFT Preview — Play Art like you play music on your phone or watch videos on YouTube. View AR and VR content in OneArt.

Discover Page — Explore NFTs displayed on supported marketplaces. View the curated collectibles and collections. Find rising star creators.

Security — Back up your recovery phrase to encrypted iCloud storage together with FaceID and Ledger integrations.

Artist Profiles — Grow your own communities inside of OneArt ecosystem and share your NFT and life activities with them.

Multi-chain NFT Bridge & Collectibles — Transfer NFTs between blockchain networks and see all of them in one place without switching chains. (Will be avalaible on 20th of June)

How OneArt Leads the Future Trends of NFT Sphere?

OneArt, leading from the front, will be presenting multiple innovations and developments across the NFT ecosystem. Following the inclusion of a mobile application for improved user accessibility and usability are exciting forthcoming events in the roadmap.

To become one of the largest NFT innovators in the digital market, the platform would further establish the NFT ecosystem. The platform would be adding multiple features, which are believed to include Web3 services, NFT auctions, NFT verification, batch minting, etc.

How to Get Your First NFTs before the App’s Launch?

On May 26th OneArt released its own unique Metalaunch — First Utility NFT Collection Issued by OneArt.

NFTs is your Key to participate in the Metalaunch projects. In order to get access you need to purchase NFTs on

Higher NFT Tier = higher chances to get bigger allocation.

Each Tier has its own allocation Multiplier (from 1x to 16x). Tier 3–5 gives you Guaranteed Allocation, while Tier 1–2 holders will have a first come first served model.

Each NFT Tier has its APR model. Higher Tier gives you Higher APR (from 2% to 10%).

And the most important is that NFTs are limited. Once all NFTs are sold out, there will be no more NFTs for sale. The only way to get NFT is to buy it from the owner on the secondary market. That’s why we recommend grabbing your NFT key while it’s available on the original sale.

Read the full guide on how to buy NFTs at OneArt Metalaunch -> Click.

Follow official OneArt channels to find the latest info and updates:



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