OneArt Community Stats: Geos, Pains & Favorite Blockchains

Community is at the heart of the crypto space, fostering its growth and adoption by sharing expertise and influencing the development of a myriad of projects across various countries. A highly engaged community provides a solid foundation for strengthening and scaling a business and expanding its user base. It’s the 12th player on every blockchain-related project.

A week ago, OneArt launched a crypto survey to get to know each other better. We asked you to say your word on our future, and so many of you responded! Thanks for your answers and support. We really appreciate it! And our congrats to those who have won 1ART tokens as a prize. 🏆

Hundreds of people from all over the world told us about their crypto experience, preferred blockchains, crypto news sources, pain points, and problems. Here are the highlights ⬇️

These include Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Canada, China, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK, the US, Vietnam, and more.

The average user age is 27.9 years old, while 56% are 21–30. Our youngest respondent is 16, the oldest is 53…

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