OneArt Community Stats: Geos, Pains & Favorite Blockchains

Community is at the heart of the crypto space, fostering its growth and adoption by sharing expertise and influencing the development of a myriad of projects across various countries. A highly engaged community provides a solid foundation for strengthening and scaling a business and expanding its user base. It’s the 12th player on every blockchain-related project.

A week ago, OneArt launched a crypto survey to get to know each other better. We asked you to say your word on our future, and so many of you responded! Thanks for your answers and support. We really appreciate it! And our congrats to those who have won 1ART tokens as a prize. 🏆

Hundreds of people from all over the world told us about their crypto experience, preferred blockchains, crypto news sources, pain points, and problems. Here are the highlights ⬇️

OneArt community members live in 33 countries

These include Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Canada, China, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK, the US, Vietnam, and more.

📊 Age

The average user age is 27.9 years old, while 56% are 21–30. Our youngest respondent is 16, the oldest is 53, and the most creative is “perfect.” So, there are no age barriers to crypto adoption.

🤝 Crypto engagement

Over 96% of our community is crypto-engaged:

  • <0.5 year — 5.3%
  • 0.5–1 year — 14%
  • 1–2 years — 45.6%
  • 3+ years — 35.1%.

Those remaining say they want to jump into crypto but lack information, money, and self-confidence.

🔥Popular actions, blockchains, and crypto exchange types

HODL tops the chart in terms of popularity with 82.5%, followed by airdrops hunting (59.6%), trading (74.6%), NFT trading (48.2%), and IDO hunting (45.56%). NFT creation is among the less popular activities. However, most respondents combine several of them.

58% of people prefer decentralized exchanges.

As for blockchains, the top 5 go like this:

Polkadot, Mattic, WAX, Polygon, Fantom, and others mentioned significantly lag behind their rivals.

🗣 Crypto news, influencers, and copy trading

Almost 95% get news about crypto from Twitter. Telegram ranks second with 86.8%, and Discord is #3 with 54.4%. Over 43.9% prefer YouTube. News websites close the top 5 with 32.5%. Also, the OneArt community uses Reddit, blogs, and TradingView to stay tuned. The majority monitors at least 2–3 sources to keep up with trends.

55.3% of respondents follow crypto addresses, 56.14% follow signals, 42.1% copy trades, while 49.1% say mentioning an asset by an influencer impacts their purchase decision.

❗️Pain points and main issues with crypto

Security is the #1 problem for our community: about 73% say a big number of scams is their main concern. Nearly 30% said they were hacked.

Issue #2 is a dynamic change in market conditions (53.5%), followed by volatility (37.7%) and no utility (26.3%). Almost 15% say too much information hinders decision making, while nearly 17% complain about lack of info.

👎What do users dislike about existing wallets?

Main crypto wallets problems include

  • A limited number of supported blockchains — 57%
  • Limited functionality — 50.9%
  • Customer support — 39.5%
  • Usability — 28.9%
  • Design — 28.9%.

Additionally, ½ of respondents point out problems with a large number of wallets for different blockchains.

🆕 More features

As a result, over 97% of people say they will use a new wallet if it is secure, usable, cross-blockchain, and cross-platform.

It means existing solutions don’t meet all user needs. Our respondents would like to add

  • Option to follow people and crypto addresses — 76.3%
  • Notifications with actions of followed people and addresses — 75.4%
  • Creating profile dashboard with aggregated data from all (or selected) wallets — 76.3%.

To recap

1️⃣ The survey shows that even those not engaged in crypto want to tap into it but lack not only money but also credible information and some self-confidence. It means they need more education, customer support, and trustworthy sources of info. More in-app hints and tips could help solve the issue.

2️⃣ Another significant insight is that roughly 2/3 of people are concerned about scams, while nearly 1/3 say they were hacked ➡️ solving security problems remains a priority for crypto wallets and the crypto space in general. Moreover, more than 97% of users don’t mind shifting to a new wallet if it has enhanced security and usability and is cross-platform and cross-blockchain.

3️⃣ Users need more options to interact, follow each other, get notifications about other users’ actions, and share some data from their profiles to find a like-minded community. The OneArt team believes creating an all-around profile for crypto enthusiasts will help accelerate the mass adoption of crypto, making interaction with the crypto space easy, seamless, secure, and fun.

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