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Have Your Say on OneArt’s Future!

Less than a month ago, OneArt launched the NFT ecosystem app for iOS users laying the foundation stone for future development. The team is working on stabilization, adding new features and tweaking existing ones, and launching OneArt Wallet for Android and web extension.

But OneArt strives to be much more than that.

Our vision for the future

  • OneArt’s goal is to become a gateway not only to the NFT marketplaces but to Web3 in general — an easy-to-use, user-friendly touchpoint on the way to the ecosystem.
  • We endeavor to remove obstacles on your way to Web3 and create a new level of decentralized experience for both crypto natives and newbies.
  • Our mission is to create a scalable infrastructure that will help the crypto community leverage all the opportunities Web3 has to offer now and will offer in the future.
  • Community is the #1 priority in Web3. And we strongly believe that our ecosystem should connect creators and users and not separate them. That’s why providing a seamless experience and access to various blockchains and marketplaces is crucial.
  • Moreover, we want you to be able to create and enrich your decentralized social graph, not only exploring Web3 but also connecting, communicating, following each other, and sharing your experiences and ideas.

The crypto market is changing rapidly. So do the users’ needs, expectations, and pain points. There’s a bunch of crypto-related products, but none of them can meet all the needs of the community so far.

💡To turn the tide in your favor and bring our ideas to life, we need your opinion. Take part in our survey to help create a next-generation product.

Please, answer these questions below.


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