OneArt is excited to announce Metalaunch — the next generation launchpad for “next generation projects”

Almost 6 months came from the official launch of the OneArt reaching the maximum price at $0.82. Big selling pressure and overall market decline did its job, but we learned from our mistakes and are now ready to announce Metalaunch — the new generation launchpad for projects focused on growth and able to extend the OneArt Ecosystem.

What’s a launchpad in overall meaning?

A launchpad is a platform that helps crypto startups to attract early-stage investing and funding.

Launchpads have become a popular means to raise money in the cryptoverse since they bring investors and project creators closer to collaborate.

On one side, there are the creators of blockchain projects who want to make a public announcement about their new products and begin crowdfunding.

On the other side, are token holders who get the opportunity to invest in an idea that has the potential to transform into a big and profitable business.

A launchpad’s main purpose is to provide transparent interactions between the platform’s audience and the project’s creators.

One such launchpad is the OneArt Metalaunch project.

What are we focused on?

  • Focus on Gamify, Metaverse, NFTs and next generation of projects.

At OneArt we are confident that Gamify will continue to expand as big players are entering the market. We are now only at the beginning of the journey.

  • Focus on growth. Tokenomics Stress Testing

Tokenomics plays one of the most important roles in sustainability of blockchain projects. Big private rounds, unlocking schedules, inflation rate, liquidity are important. That’s why while selecting the project for metalaunch we will pay extra attention to the sustainability and economic-financial model of the projects.

  • Focus on scalability, network effect, and P2E model

Scalability is top priority. While analyzing we will pay attention to the ability of the project to create a network effect causing mass attention of the community. Active involvement of the community is important. Benefit of community = success to projects.

What do we give to the projects ?

  • Full Scale Launch Assistance
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Starting Marketing & Development Packs
  • Tokenomics & Financial Model Development & Stress Testings
  • Access to Tier 1 Investment Firms


How to participate in Metalaunch from the investment perspective?

In order to participate in Metalaunch you need to have special NFTs on your balance.

Introducing OneArt Metalaunch Collection. First Utility NFT Collection Issued by OneArt.

NFTs is your Key to participate in the Metalaunch projects. In order to get access you need to purchase NFTs on

Higher NFT Tier = higher chances to get bigger allocation.

Each Tier has its own allocation Multiplier (from 1x to 16x). Tier 3–5 gives you Guaranteed Allocation, while Tier 1–2 holders will have a first come first served model.

Each NFT Tier has its APR model. Higher Tier gives you Higher APR (from 2% to 10%).

And the most important is that NFTs are limited. Once all NFTs are sold out, there will be no more NFTs for sale. The only way to get NFT is to buy it from the owner on the secondary market. That’s why we recommend grabbing your NFT key while it’s available on the original sale.

📅The NFT sale starts on May 26th 2022 on

We will follow up on multipliers and APR in next in-depth article about metalaunch. So, stay tuned!


Why do you need 1ART Utility NFTs?

You need OneArt utility NFTs to participate in MetaLaunch projects. The higher NFT Tier you have — the higher chance to get allocation.

Can I buy NFTs with Stable Coins?

No, NFTs can be bought only using 1ART tokens on the BSC Network.

Can I buy more than one NFT?

Yes, you can buy an unlimited amount of NFTs even from 1 address. But, please, note, only 1 NFT (with a higher tier) will be counted during the sale.

Can I sell NFTs?

Yes, you can resell NFTs even at a higher price. NFTs are limited, since all NFTs are sold, the only way to buy NFTs is on the secondary market from people who hold them. 1ART NFT Marketplace will be released in Q3 2022.

Do I need to pass KYC to buy NFTs?

No, you don’t need to pass KYC to buy NFTs. But you will need to pass KYC during the sale.

Do I need to stake NFTs to get APR?

No, APR is counted automatically. To claim APR, you need to connect your wallet in the Metalaunch App and claim.

Will it be any other utility for 1ART NFTs?

Yes, other utilities will be added after the official launch.

Follow official OneArt channels to find the latest info and updates:



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