OneArt Officially Releases The World’s First NFT ecosystem Mobile App, Available from the 24th of June

2 min readJun 24, 2022

OneArt company officially launches its mobile app today. The mobile app was purpose-built to meet the growing demand from its users looking for a simple and secure way to use NFT. We want to respect everyone who has been waiting and supporting OneArt for so long. Now, from the 24th of June we start a new journey with OneArt App.

*Everyone who has iOS version above 15.0 can download the app right now->

The basic version of the app comes with the next features:

  • Multichain NFT Wallet — Store your NFTs there. Manage collections, display, share, and mint collectibles via OneArt.
  • NFT Preview — Play Art like you play music on your phone or watch videos on YouTube.
  • Security — Back up your recovery phrase to encrypted iCloud storage together with FaceID integration.

“Our mission at OneArt is to help crypto community to operate NFTs as we use to do with crypto assets, and our mobile app is the latest initiative to make it even easier for our users and new customers to deal with the world of NFTs,” said Nazar Khalavka, Co-Founder and CEO of OneArt.

“We remain focused on enhancing the customer experience and are proud to be the first NFT ecosystem platform of its kind to be able to offer this app to our users. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming very soon.”

Future updates will include:

  • Multi-chain NFT Bridge & Collectibles — Transfer NFTs between blockchain networks and see all of them in one place without switching chains.
  • Discover Page — Explore NFTs displayed on supported marketplaces. View the curated collectibles and collections. Find rising star creators.
  • Marketplaces Access — Using only OneArt app you can get access to all most popular NFT marketplaces worldwide.

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