Top GameFi Projects 2022

Top GameFi projects by OneArt

The Sandbox

  • VoxEdit
  • Game Maker
  • NFT marketplace
  • Decentraland has three types of tokens — MANA, WEAR and LAND, while the Sandbox has four — SAND, GAMES, LAND and ASSETS.
  • the Sandbox is still in Alpha mode, while Decentraland has presented a functioning PoC.
  • Decentraland users can buy land only on the platform’s marketplace, while the Sandbox users can purchase it on the OpenSea marketplace as well.
  • The Decentaland platform can only be accessed via the wallet, while the Sandbox can also be accessed through an email account and social media.

To sum up

Axie Infinity

  • Creature breeding
  • Battles with other players
  • Axie trading.
  • Governance
  • Steering
  • Payments

To sum up


  • Earning ILV tokens for in-game achievements.
  • Staking ILV tokens for passive rewards.
  • Participation in the governance system.
  • Scaling and deep gameplay mechanics with advanced 3D immersive world experience.
  • Extensive opportunities for spin-offs and further advancements.
  • A combo of RPG-based and an NFT-driven game with an emphasis on a rich in-game plot.
  • A limited number of playable NFT characters.
  • Community and partnership

To sum up


  • SPS Validator nodes and voting management
  • Land expansion
  • New market for non-card assets
  • New reward pools to encourage gameplay.

To sum up

Alien Worlds

  • Staking for participation in controlling planets and receiving rewards.
  • Mining of TLMs and NFTs.
  • Buying and improving items.
  • Developing the in-game ecosystem and activities.
  • Community and partnership

To sum up


  • It is necessary for trading ghosts, wearables, and all financial processes in the domestic “bazaar’.
  • It is used for staking.
  • It is required to participate in “bid-to earn” auctions.
  • Having a GHST allows players to participate in the governance process within the Aavegotchi ecosystem.
  • Community and partnership
  • Aavegotchi mobile app alpha launch
  • REALM public land sales
  • More haunts (planned).

To sum up

Final thoughts

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