Total supply is back to 100 mln; the IDO is restructured and hosted by multiple platforms

2 min readOct 15, 2021


ArtWallet is happy to announce that the community and numerous platforms have finally been heard. Among the final decisions the ArtWallet team has taken, it decided to bring the total supply back to 100 mln. In addition, considering such a positive response from different platforms, the option of conducting ArtWallet’s IDO on multiple platforms has been approved too.

Where will the IDO take place?

After careful consideration, ArtWallet’s team has chosen several platforms to go with. At least 3 reputable IDO platforms have confirmed ArtWallet’s participation and you will be impressed with the names! The platforms will be announced next week so prepare yourself for a prosperous week full of fantastic and exciting news.

Tokenomics Update and Supply Reduction

Supply is Reduced Back to 100,000,000 $1ART

ArtWallet is glad to announce that the supply is brought back to 100,000,000 $1ART as

planned before. The company reserves 21,000,000 $1ART. Market cap TGE has increased, and it is compensated with a massive new community of NFT fans.

Round D is Reduced

Round D was reduced to 5,000,000 $1ART, and now it is for the private investors and IDO platforms that will hold the ArtWallet IDO. The same vesting schedule as Round C is applied: 6 months lock-up and 18-month linear vesting. This round is now available for the IDO platform and private investors. Please feel free to reach us at: or Telegram @private_artwallet.

Public Round is Set Up at 3,000,000 $1ART

As it was announced above, at least 3 IDO platforms will host the ArtWallet IDO. Each platform will have a 75–100k allocation for the Public round at 0.1$ per 1ART and 3 months vesting schedule.

The ArtWallet’s team assures you that the final decisions are made with the best intentions and aim to perform the best results.