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No matter whether you are a newbie or a veteran of the crypto and NFT industry, working with it requires constant analysis and monitoring. You are always supposed to be on the alert: keep track of market trends and the current state of this field. Of course, it’s hard to catch everything in space, but you can increase your odds. There are many tools available for tracking NFT and crypto. If you do not use additional tools, then your work can be haphazard while the results — inaccurate.

That’s why we’ve prepared for you a comprehensive guide on free useful tools to help you when dealing with crypto and NFTs.

NFT tools

We’ve already made a list of NFTs analytics tools that you may find useful on our Twitter, you can check this out 👇

This time we’ve expanded the list a bit and divided it into a few categories. So, let’s start our NFT journey.

General market data exploring

This tool can help you keep track of the current NFT market. Here you can find an interactive NFT Floor Tracker, NFT — Analytics, NFT Market Overview, and more. Anyone can use Dune to explore the datasets’ data and use the results to produce visualizations. However, the platform presently provides data only from Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Ethereum, and Polygon. Here you can find a dashboard you need to analyze — just type the name of the vertical and the search will give you a list of dashboards from Dune:


A blockchain analytics platform combines on-chain data with an ever-expanding database so you can analyze market trends. Numerous characteristics including volume, transactions, NFT indices, insights, and reports are available here at various levels.

👉By the way, we have a thorough guide to Nansen where you can find out all the important information on how to start analyzing there.

Another great tool that can give you a cross-chain view of NFT volume and the overall market situation. It also offers project analytics, NFT values, rarity, top blockchains, and activity history.


With DappRadar you can easily find, analyze, and purchase NFTs. DappRadar users can now explore upcoming and available NFTs using the most accurate data. Here you have a general overview of the top collections, sales, and marketplaces. Moreover, by clicking on the collection name, you will get more detailed info about it.

This tool is great for finding and analyzing many NFT collections, where you can research their data to have better insights. It helps you easily track NFTs via 3 main protocols: ETH, EOS, and WAX. In addition, you can apply several metrics to improve the analysis of each specific NFT.

This is a mobile NFT explorer, but you can also track crypto here. You can connect your ETH wallet to the tool and get a clear overview of all your digital collectibles. It allows you to explore hundreds of NFTs, track data, and even get notifications.

Keep track of upcoming drops

NFTScoring assists in tracking and analyzing upcoming NFT collections. It is a proper market research tool that helps you discover new up-and-coming projects. It also has social media links, which is great for getting a better look at a project.

Source: NFTScoring

A handy instrument to track upcoming, ongoing, and newest NFT drops. Also, you can find the list of marketplaces with forthcoming events and creator lists. You can also list your own NFT project here.

Wallet scanners

This platform allows you to track and analyze NFTs. The provides not only the floor prices, volume, and sale history on NFTs, but you can also set the alarms to wallets you want to track. Just find long-term players in this area and periodically monitor their actions.

Floor price tracker

Another tracking tool that can give you all the information you need about the top NFT collections in the industry. Statistics based on each NFT’s price and volume are also available. You can find a list of the top NFT collections on the website, together with information about their total assets, collection cost, floor price, volume, and sales.

This tool lets you analyze over 100 NFT collections. You just click on the collection name and evaluate floor prices (Max, 30 days, 7 days and 44 hours).

Crypto tools

Now it’s time to look at a list of useful crypto resources that can help analyze the market, avoid scams, and do research. It’s a good idea to have this list always at hand and check it from time to time.

Market data

CoinMarketCap is a tool that displays accurate market data. This website monitors the prices of thousands of cryptocurrencies and lists them according to market capitalization. Users can filter cryptocurrencies by selected parameters, track coins by different sectors, and much more.

Coingecko displays real-time market updates to thousands of cryptocurrencies. The service offers flexible charts. Moreover, users can track the dynamics of each cryptocurrency by day, month, week, year and all time. You can also set up time frames here.

Source: Coingecko

Charting tools

Using charting tools to visualize the market is one of the most crucial elements of trading. TradingView helps you identify price trends in the current market. It offers a handy mobile app that allows you to keep an eye on the market dynamics. Another useful feature is the option to set up alerts, available 24 hours on any device.

Cryptowatch helps you explore price charts, crypto markets, and digital assets. To start working with the tool, you need to create an account (a free one). After this, you can see the homepage with an overview of the top assets in crypto.

Source: Cryptowatch

Blockchain explorers

It provides a flexible set of options for quickly navigating the blockchains. On, users have access to a transaction monitor, current hash rate, checker, and other tools for blockchain research.

Etherscan assists users in viewing the assets on any public Ethereum wallet address. Enter any Ethereum address into the search box on Etherscan to view the wallet’s current balance and transaction history. Any gas costs and smart contracts affecting that address will also be displayed.

It is a block explorer for the BNB Smart Chain, where users can quickly authenticate transactions that have occured on the BSC blockchain using the BlockExplorer search engine.

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