Venture capital keeps pouring in crypto?

1 min readJul 20, 2022

Markets are inherently seasonal. Crypto is no exception. Despite this, even on the darkest days, builders continue to push on and remain optimistic. Then the dust settles and the gains become apparent.

Given the recent market downturn, we are now in a period of gloom — “crypto winter”. However, crypto investors are like fire on cold days… They continue to keep the spark of hope and hasten the onset of warm days. They keep pouring billions into crypto projects and remain bullish. How high is this level of optimism in Q1 and Q2’2022?

Quick take:

  • Venture capital funding for blockchain projects reached a record high in Q1’22 — $9.2 billion.
  • June was the worst month of the past two years, with a 21% drop in investment.
  • Investors continue to financially support blockchain projects, doubling the interest in the Web3 sector.
  • CeFi continues to be the less investment-intensive crypto-segment.
  • GameFi remains the most stable-investment sector.

Сyclicality is a crypto stunt

Despite the volatility of crypto, or rather the prices in this segment, this is its trump card as well…

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