How to get a Job in Crypto & NFT

Last year, crypto job listings in the U.S. went through the roof with a 395% increase, according to LinkedIn. Are you still skeptical or confused about breaking into crypto and NFT? Here’s a quick-start guide from OneArt to help you dispel your doubts and ride the wave.

Why choose NFT and crypto?

There’s a high level of adoption among developers. Let’s stick to some stats from the SlashData latest report. Developers are really engaged with crypto, blockchain, and NFTs, with 67%, 59%, and 48% working on, interested in, or learning about these technologies, respectively.

Learning rates indicate the crypto-related technologies prospects, as developers stay tuned for updates and emerging trends. So, the topics they research and dive into are highly likely to be hot.

Source: SlashData

Big brands tap into the market. Adidas, Visa, Louis Vuitton, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Pringles are just a few examples of giants spending a fortune on digital assets.

It’s profitable. Just check this chart with average yearly salaries ranging from $63,000 to $120,000 and a maximum reaching $500,000. Also, keep in mind that in 2021, investors “poured $30 billion into crypto and blockchain startups.”

Lack of employees. It may sound unrealistic, but while having enough money to invest, the industry can’t find enough experienced workers. Earlier this year, recruiters told CoinDesk they face a shortage of developers. For example, in Singapore, the need for blockchain and crypto specialists soared 80%.

As per Electric Capital, the growth of Web3 developers reached a record high, hitting over 18,000 monthly active devs. And that’s thin on the ground for the industry, as in DeFi, for example, just about “1,000 devs steward smart contracts with $100+ billion in assets.”

Pros and cons

✅ Developers are the most in-demand employees, but there are many non-tech jobs in the industry. It needs marketers, copywriters, community managers, recruiters, researchers, sales managers, financial analysts, etc.

✅ The growing market is generating new employment opportunities and professions, such as crypto art promoter, NFT drop expert, or a token economist. Learn more from our post.

✅ You can expect a competitive salary (see below).

✅ You get way more creative leeway. And optional feet kissing (see below).

✅ You join the community changing the world. That’s a chance to focus on innovation and develop a roadmap for high-profile technologies that are to play a major role in our lives.

❌ To qualify for the job, a developer needs strong hard skills, including experience with Solidity, Golang, C++, C#, Python, React, and more.

❌ Even if you are not a developer, you’ll need at least general crypto space knowledge, e.g., traditional marketing and crypto marketing differ. So, if you’re a newbie, be ready to study a lot.

❌ The crypto sphere develops incredibly fast. Lewis Carroll’s just to stay in place, you’ll have to run as fast as possible suits it best.

What about salaries?


As for other positions, a product manager can get ≈ $114,000 per year, designers earn ≈ $80,000. Marketing specialists’ average annual salary is ≈ $75,000, and community and SMM managers are paid ≈ $50,000. Again, it all depends on your skills, experience, and country. For example, in the U.S., the national average is $120,405, according to ZipRecruiter.

Anyway, don’t be scared to negotiate your salary, as the range spread may be whopping.

Who’s hiring?

Leading companies and startups.

For the latest vacancies, check out:

Few tips from the OneArt team to help you jump on the crypto and NFT bandwagon

  1. Enhance your knowledge of crypto and NFTs. It depends on the position, but a recruiter may ask something like ‘What protocol do you prefer?’ There’re plenty of beginner guides, e.g., Binance Academy, Crypto Explainer+, NFT Now, the OpenSea blog, glossaries, 99Bitcoins YouTube channel, and more. Also, check OneArt Medium for tips.
  2. It’s all about networking in crypto. So, connect with the community, such as Binance Community, OneArt Discord server and Telegram group, and others.
  3. Try using crypto technologies, e.g., create an account on a platform and set up a wallet.
  4. We may sound captain obvious but update your resume to tailor it to your desired position requirements. Have you posted crypto-related articles, contributed to some projects, or participated in meetups? That fits, too. Also, consider your soft skills: being a fast learner, a team player, adapting quickly, self-motivated, etc.

One more tip — be perseverant and loving to learn. And we’ll be here with the latest industry news and updates. Keep in touch with OneArt to stay ahead of the curve.

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