ArtWallet Weekly Digest #1

ArtWallet team keeps on informing you about the main events that happened this week. The pace of progress is very fast, focus on industry leadership makes us be a few steps ahead of other market players.

The most important event was the announcement of 1ART Staking Vaults. They will be launched tomorrow! Read details:

📝We prepared a special guide for our community on how to use the bridge. You can view it here:

🦾During the whole week our team was working on introducing updates to the beta version of the app, so very soon you will be able to test as many features as possible! If you haven’t signed up for the beta test yet, just fill in a short form:

Here is the list of main updates made in the app:

  • Implemented sending of value/tokens/nfts;
  • Implemented loading of user’s NFTs from OpenSea instead of predefined collections;
  • Improved NFT displaying and collections loading

In case you haven’t monitored changes in the NFT & Metaverse world this week, we have collected the most interesting and important news for you!

📍PwC Hong Kong bought a land in Sandbox

📍BAYC flipped CryptoPunks

📍Instagram is going to implement NFT

📍Hong Kong NFT project Monkey Kingdom loses $1.3M in phishing hack

📍Global search interest for ‘NFT’ surpasses ‘crypto’ for the first time ever

📍NFT gaming generated $2.32B in Q3

ArtWallet is growing🦾. Stay tuned for more news🚀

Follow official ArtWallet channels to find the latest info and updates:




Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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Ecosystem of NFT&Metaverse Products

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